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utorrent advanced settings on tixati

by Guest on 2019/12/01 05:48:52 AM    
Tixati need advanced settings, tixati need something equivalent to this utorrent settings:

bt.sequential_download = true
bt.sequential_files = true

Someone can say which this settings is bad to torrent protocol, but utorrent client is the base of this protocol, 98% of all users, can utorrent developers go to wrong way? And if someone say which tixati already have this settings, NO, don't have! Today utorrent is most advanced client in settings, without doubt, tixati need change it. Tixati can add an hidden UI to this advanced settings like utorrent, like an firefox about:config, try to control and limit the users is not the way!
by Guest on 2019/12/03 09:19:42 AM    
Right Click file, Priority, Sequential...

If the torrent completes it doesnt matter but if it is about to lose its last seed, you might not have the time to download it all.
by Guest on 2019/12/05 04:43:23 AM    
is not the same thing, the setting below allow use it automaticaly in utorrent, your solution is manual,

bt.sequential_download = true
bt.sequential_files = true
by notaLamer on 2019/12/12 07:45:05 PM    
This has been discussed by users here before, the common sentiment is that this setting is rather evil, it is if it's used by default. I've not seen uTorrent users downloading sequentially yet though I know it's easy to (e.g. Stream button). But I've recently seen a handful qBittorrent users running sequential downloads on a huge torrent where you can't even do anything with the files until the download is 100% complete (.zip files). Those ignorant peers forced other peers to download rarest pieces first, so it balanced out on this occasion, no harm. But if many more always started sequential downloads regardless of torrent health, you would end up with thousands of torrents dying prematurely because nobody got the last pieces before the only seed vanished.

I understand why this setting is sometimes needed and I totally agree how it's slightly hidden and manual-only in Tixati. I've manually ignored those qBittorrent leechers, may they enjoy slow speeds then.
by Guest on 2019/12/16 10:03:01 AM    
I agree with notaLamer, a global "sequential downloading" settings would be evil.
However a global "sequential downloading when there is no other leecher" and a global "Front and Back first" setting for files would be useful in my opinion.
If there was a "priorize finishing individual files" setting I would also turn that on globally. It's sad when a torrent with 1000 images dies at 50% and everyone ends up with 998 broken files.
by Guest on 2019/12/16 07:26:44 PM    
Yes I agree, anyone really want something bad implemented but something intelligent and reasonable, can limit this features (auto sequential and auto first last piece) to just use with media extensions like mp4, mkv, and with a seed threshold, for instance at least 5 or 10 seeds enable "AUTO" otherwise "Disable" dinamically, or just keep it manual but with easy to use buttons as suggested in this topic  . With this reasonable limits can't cause any issue to swarm! And never forget, tixati marked share is less than 1% the impact on the network is almost nothing! And yes an "priorize finishing individual files" is welcome!

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