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utorrent advanced settings on tixati

by Guest on 2019/12/01 05:48:52 AM    
Tixati need advanced settings, tixati need something equivalent to this utorrent settings:

bt.sequential_download = true
bt.sequential_files = true

Someone can say which this settings is bad to torrent protocol, but utorrent client is the base of this protocol, 98% of all users, can utorrent developers go to wrong way? And if someone say which tixati already have this settings, NO, don't have! Today utorrent is most advanced client in settings, without doubt, tixati need change it. Tixati can add an hidden UI to this advanced settings like utorrent, like an firefox about:config, try to control and limit the users is not the way!
by Guest on 2019/12/03 09:19:42 AM    
Right Click file, Priority, Sequential...

If the torrent completes it doesnt matter but if it is about to lose its last seed, you might not have the time to download it all.
by Guest on 2019/12/05 04:43:23 AM    
is not the same thing, the setting below allow use it automaticaly in utorrent, your solution is manual,

bt.sequential_download = true
bt.sequential_files = true

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