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Headless Server

by Guest on 2019/08/23 04:28:10 PM    
Hi there is it possible to install and configure Tixati for the web gui on a headless server?
by doodoking on 2019/09/22 05:56:17 AM    
I am also trying to install Tixati on a headless Ubuntu server. But as a Linux beginner, I can't really progress. I got it to install and when running the 'tixati' command I get the following:

(tixati:870): Gtk-WARNING **: 09:49:22.424: cannot open display:

Does this mean the service is running? It there a daemon to be setup automatically?
I also can't find the settings on my Ubuntu machine, so I have no idea how to change the web UI settings.

Thanks in advance.
by 1Z0455E7 on 2019/09/23 04:13:14 PM    
I don't think Tixati has a switch to kill the UI... I couldn't find one anyway...

From your terminal...

To see if it's running.

ps -aux |grep tix

See if it's running.  I don't think it is...

When you say headless, are you simply using SSH/SCP to log in, and you have not installed Xorg drivers or a desktop manager, ect..

Fyi, you can install something called a virtual desktop using XRDP or VNC to allow you to create a very small footprint (memory/space) desktop manager (Like LXDE or XFCE) and then allow yourself to log in to it via VNC or M$'s Remote desktop. There are also actual VNC server packages you can install, but my personal preference is the XRDP as I can go anywhere and normally find a computer with remote desktop on it. I've even seen an RDP client web plug-in...  

You can also secure it in a way where you have to SSH into it before you can connect to the virtual desktop, but that's advanced mojo called SSH tunneling. I've run plenty of remote boxes and VPS servers (A bunch of virtual servers ran on big iron and resold to the public.) with a virtual desktop, even using full out gnome-desktop just fine. You don't need a monitor or keyboard plugged into the "box"...

Google is your friend, but I can tell you Digital Ocean's or Linux tutorials seem to be the easiest to follow.  

Did I answer your question?
by Guest on 2020/12/20 04:28:33 AM    
hi there, was wondering if a solution was found, i have the same issue.
by Guest on 2021/03/24 10:07:02 PM    
Hi 1Z0455E7

Thanks for your info.

Please could you detail any more about running Tixati on a headless server with no root and using a virtual display or virtual desktop ?

Would be extremely grateful to get this working

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