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tixati 2.55  output formatting

by Guest on 2017/08/12 05:15:27 PM    

First, thank you for your great effort.
Second, after the update to the latest version 2.55,  the output format did not accept the changes.
I tried to set bytes and bytes in charts to mi, gi or, ti but the values have not changed as in previous versions it remains in M, G, T.
by Pete on 2017/08/13 09:05:41 PM    
I confirm this bug on Tixati v2.55 for Linux 64bit.
by TDD99CA on 2017/08/17 12:30:46 AM    
Yes - the ability to control commas, spaces, etc. in the number formatting has broken.
by Guest on 2017/09/17 09:16:03 PM    
Same problem on Windows 10.
by Guest on 2017/09/25 03:44:09 PM    
I confirm output formatting in Tixati 2.55 is broken, e.g. Gi is not dividing by 1024 but instead using multiples of 1000, resulting in a full DVD5 (which is bytes) being displayed erroneously as 4.70GB instead of 4.37GB .
by Solsolis on 2017/11/13 09:02:41 AM    
I can confirm this bug,too in the Tixati 2.55 64-bit Linux Build.
Output formatting shows only decimal values, even if you set it to use binary.
by notaLamer on 2022/08/17 06:20:15 PM    
Bug: Throttler KiB vs KB since Tixati 2.82 -

I first noticed this with the v2.82 update (faster loading update). I set one throttling speed but after a restart Tixati sets it to to "KB" value.
1. Enter 1000
2. After restart: 1024

My formatting settings:
Bytes / Bytes in Charts: Gi / Ki
Use 'K' instead of 'k' in unit labels: yes
Omit 'i' from Ki/Mi/Gi/Ti unit labels: yes

I think I've reported this before but I didn't see the tray message. I can't find my original report too.
by ZarkBit on 2022/08/19 09:45:09 PM    

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