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I want a new version now!
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by Guest on 2014/01/27 01:26:17 PM    
Tixati is lagging behind. I'm expecting a new version now. It's been almost a year.

All the other clients are getting updated, so why isn't Tixati in the game?
by janet on 2014/01/27 06:35:08 PM    
A new version is in the works, just sit tight.
by Pete on 2014/01/28 06:24:48 AM    
Tixati is already ahead of other clients, I think they need updates more than Tixati ;) .
by nnq2603 on 2014/01/28 07:01:26 AM    
I really use Tixati since 1.96 so I've got no idea how long between previous versions (and didn't want to find out).

But now, according numerous questions about up-coming version, I feel Tixati was quite inactive development... They're working on their way, and they said it sometime but never seen any further info or stuffs for public.

So I just wonder... is everything happen like this from very early days of Tixati development when coders/programmers just work in their own and keep silent all the time toward next public version? Or it used to be more active and frequently update than now?... I've feeling that I just find out this torrent client in its later stage where it became inactive and getting slow-down developing a lot compare to itself early days. But maybe it's just me.
by Pete on 2014/01/28 01:06:58 PM    
See News section, there were numerous Tixati versions released each year before, once a month or two months even. Kevin the Tixati programmer answered some questions on the old forum. I don't know if he does all the coding work by himself or someone helps him.
by DrTeeth on 2014/01/28 03:15:14 PM    
One sure way to hack of existing users is to not keep them updated in some way.

To constantly say that a new version is in the works or the devs are working hard in it do not cut it. Goodwill is difficult to earn, but oh-so-easy to lose.
by Guest on 2014/01/28 05:28:20 PM    
It's recommended to release a new (or beta) version even when there are just some little bugfixes!
People will see that the Tixati project is very active, that's the best way to get more users.
by John on 2014/01/29 09:12:42 AM    
It's recommended to release a new (or beta) version even when there are just some little bugfixes!
People will see that the Tixati project is very active, that's the best way to get more users.
I absolutely agree on that.
by predrzni007 on 2014/01/29 02:31:31 PM    
Janet Please tell us the truth dont lie !!!
by DrTeeth on 2014/01/29 04:52:35 PM    
Good point well made about the frequent releases.
by Guest on 2014/01/29 10:12:07 PM    
Theres always maniacs and inet is the perfect place for these so, this topic is entirely predictable. Stop being neurotic and be sedated by downloading massive amounts of data. Sit back and keep calm. Everything will be OK.

Salutes from the other side.
by Guest on 2014/01/30 12:03:04 PM    
Maybe we're waiting for 2.0
I completely agree with Guest on Thu, 30 Jan 2014 03:12:07 GMT
by Guest on 2014/01/31 01:15:01 AM    
No,the developers haven't died,still alive.
If you do a good research about tixati and specially in this website you will find out that the devs will not update it anymore unless there is a big reason for updating like incompatibility with a new windows,being not able to download magnet,torrents anymore because of new innovation in torrents,otherwise the guys behind tixati don't think updating is necessary and they consider tixati is complete  easy and advanced and full rich of features which I actually pretty agree.
by Guest on 2014/01/31 07:27:04 AM    
My reason, why I don't use the client starting with the greek letter is, that the updating every 2 weeks got on my nervs.
I prefer a program like Tixati, thats updated like every half year and then gives some really good features and is tested already and does not crash always.
Another bad example is the client De-lu-ge, that crashed 5 times per hour.
I am so glad, I found Tixati !!
Keep up with the good work !
And other free programs like Irfanview are also updated only every 6 month or so.
So I think its OK, how Tixati handles it.
by DrTeeth on 2014/01/31 02:31:02 PM    
@ Guest 31/1/2013
Do you mean that Janet has been lying to us all this time? She has been saying for months that a new version is in the works.
by DrTeeth on 2014/01/31 07:03:41 PM    
Oh, and the last changelog says "more improvements on the way".
by Guest on 2014/02/01 03:18:18 AM    
All I know is that I love that Tixati is not the loated POS that uTorrent has become. I switched from uTorrent ages ago because uTorrent used to be what Tixati is now. Then uTorrent sold out to some corporation and it's now relegated to bloated shovel-ware. So long as Tixati doesn't go down that route, i'll be most happy with whatever the devs decide to provide us.
by Guest on 2014/02/01 05:31:51 AM    
And Tixati still calculates ratios different than what many trackers show.
by mopizza on 2014/02/07 01:08:47 PM    
New user to Tixati (have used Vuze and uTorrent) and love it.  No complaints, much gratitude to the development team.  One suggestion for the next upgrade, if you, others, all deem it of value.  A useful option in Vuze is that you can bind to a local IP address or interface.  When downloading torrents while using a VPN (and binding there), it's a nice feature if the VPN gets disconnected - your IP address wont' get exposed because the client stops automatically when the VPN disconnects.  Sure, some VPNs have a kill switch.  And sure you can use something like VPNetmon (which didn't work with my VPN) or VPNWatcher.  But it would be great if it was built in.  Just my two cents on how to improve an already great client.  Keep up the great work.  

by Guest on 2014/02/20 10:04:48 AM    
Hey, i have mah paypal bucks ready for you devs. Keep on the nice work and i'll drop you some coins !
Only problem is with the performance when startup and checking all the torrents in a big torrent list (literally freezes the client some time).

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