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Features Requests And Important Fixes

by Guest on 2014/01/09 07:01:41 PM    
I. Feature requests in Tixati:

1. Web seeding support.
2. Showing the software (torrent client) with which the torrent was created, and also date and time when the torrent was created in the "Torrent -> Details tab".

II. Fixes:

1. Stability issues - when doing multiple tasks with other programs and browser - Tixati often stops responding, slowing the whole system down.
I have to manually end Tixati from the Task manager. :'( I haven't had such an issue with any other torrent client.
I really need this fixed since I plan to move from uTorrent to Tixati.

2. Recognizing files independantly from folder name, like uTorrent does, for easier seeding.
In uTorrent you only need the files and their appropriate file names to be like the original torrent, in order to seed.
In Tixati, besides the files and file names, the folder in which they are also must have the same name as the original torrent, which is a setback.


Original folder name, original files (Tixati is able to seed the torrent):

Friend pictures //folder
- Ralph.jpg //file
- Mary.jpg //file

Modified folder name, original files (Tixati is not able to seed the torrent, despite the files are the original ones):

Pics //folder
- Ralph.jpg //file
- Mary.jpg //file

//End of example

Thanks in advance!

by Pete on 2014/01/11 12:43:04 AM    
Tixati can rename folders: right click a torrent > Local Files > Rename (or select a torrent and press F2).

For stability, I didn't have any serious issues so far, even if Tixati hangs for a while it's usually enough to wait, although I admit, it sometimes takes even a minute or two before Tixati works OK again. I agree that more responsive UI would be great.

As a side note: both Tixati and uTorrent allow you to change file names and their location (each file may be in different folder).
by John on 2014/01/11 10:00:05 AM    
I. Features (continuing from my above post):

3. Embedded tracker support - needed for friend to friend file sharing, when you don't want to announce to any trackers for anonymity reasons.

4. Auto resize of the columns (when double-clicking on their borders), according to the characters (text and numbers) in the cells. This UI feature is already present in almost all torrent clients, so it will be good if Tixati finally implements it.

Thanks in advance!

by John on 2014/01/11 11:40:38 PM    
I. Features (continuing from my above posts):

5. Support for HTTP 1.1 - makes connections much faster, especially downloading.

6. Custom Reannounce - announcing to trackers at custom set times.
This has been substantiated here:

II. Fixes (continuing from my above posts):

3. More effective RAM management. I've had cases when Tixati takes up to 125 MB of memory when fully loaded... That is a lot for a download/upload program.
by Bugmagnet on 2014/01/13 12:00:56 AM    
John 125MB?  a pittance :)
It is using over 700MB on one of my systems at the moment. but seeding 125 torrents could be somehow related.
works quite well for my money...(yes, I chose to donate...a pittance...but something anyway - more coffee for kevin!)

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