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Tixati and VPN usage

by Osbourne Cox on 2017/04/28 10:08:04 AM    
I have tried using a VPN which when used with my web browser successfully hides my ISP's IP.  However when I use an IP checker on Tixati it shows my true IP address. So the VPN isn't hiding my torrent connections.

How do I configure Tixati to use the VPN?  Or can't I do so?  Just asking  :-)))

by Guest on 2017/04/28 12:47:45 PM    
One of the reasons Tixati is so great is that you can bind to a network adapter.  Go to settings, connections.  Near the bottom select IPv4 only in network mode, then for Local ipv4 interface select your VPN network adapter.
by markhascole on 2018/02/05 06:28:10 PM    
Buddy, i think you are not using reliable VPN for torrenting my suggestion is that don't play with your price while downloading torrent.
by Guest on 2018/03/03 01:51:50 AM    
My problem may be related. It keeps putting my VPN ip in the peers list. How can I be a peer to myself?
by Guest on 2018/03/03 04:54:15 PM    
by Guest on 2018/03/02 07:51:50 PM
My problem may be related. It keeps putting my VPN ip in the peers list. How can I be a peer to myself?

Followed the above instructions. Did it wrong at first but after getting it right it worked for keeping my own IP out of my peer list. Thanks
by Napsterbater on 2018/03/04 05:53:57 PM    
You own (or VPN) IP in the peer list is normal. Tixati will "find" that IP out via trackers or DHT.
by Guest on 2018/03/07 06:07:09 PM    
I figured this out eventually. I Just "Ignore" then "Remove" just for process sake. Thank You.
by Napsterbater on 2018/03/09 04:52:33 PM    
I figured this out eventually. I Just "Ignore" then "Remove" just for process sake. Thank You.

Which does effectively nothing.

Again you own IP (VPN or ISP WAN) will end up in your peers list because it will be given to your client by the tracker or discovered via DHT. Just like every other peer finds it.
by Thomas_Shields on 2018/04/17 10:26:32 AM    
Dear Osbourne, there's a sea of VPN services and frankly speaking, not every other VPN is suitable for torrenting. Before risking your hard-earned money and your valuable identity, go through a TorrentVPN guide.
by callmtvitshappened on 2018/04/23 02:59:04 PM    
VPN tends to hide your identity in web, but it's better to use it with Tor browser for better security. it's almost impossible to reach 100% privacy in internet nowadays.
by Guest on 2018/04/29 10:18:25 AM    
For download-focused torrenting, you can use NordVPN. They don't log and allow P2P on all servers.

If you're a heavy seeder, then a port-forwarding VPN is more suitable. RA4W VPN or CrypticVPN are suitable for this purpose. RA4W VPN's new port-forwarding system is easier to use and doesn't require you to find the VPN interface IP.

In any case, make sure to bind to the VPN interface as stated before. Remember that you may need to update the interface IP every so often as it can change.
by Guest on 2018/06/08 05:41:56 AM    
Older thread but I think the issue the poster was having is that he was using a browser based VPN, this meant only traffic in the browser was going over the VPN, any other traffic on the computer would not have used the VPN connection.  -P
by Guest on 2018/06/16 09:45:20 PM    
You could check with another BitTorrent client (or Tixati on another computer) on the same torrent to see if the VPN is leaking your real IP address.
by intothedark on 2018/06/30 11:45:46 AM    
I also had issues with Tixati when using it with some kind of proxy (Tor, to be specific).

I live in a country where you pretty much can download anything and nobody will give a damn, but IMO it's better to be safe so I just tried using Tor + Tixati. Configured everything properly (disable DHT, enable proxy for resolution, disable udp and so on) and even though ipleak didn't show my real address when using Tixati, Tixati DOES show my real address. I guess that's not okay, but who knows. I hope someone sheds some light about this.
by SHQ on 2019/12/30 11:56:42 AM    
it depends where are or where do you live. Torrenting is illegal in my area i'm Germany we cannot access torrents sites in germany so i use a VPN to download torrents currently i'm using nord vpn which is really good and reliable with speed and quality. I came across  so i thought to share it with you guys it might help you.
by notaLamer on 2019/12/30 05:42:16 PM    
SHQ, torrenting cannot be illegal, it's only a technology! Browsing torrent trackers isn't a felony either. What matters is the content you download or re-distribute - that's what's legally troubling. Just use torrent for the good instead :)

I heard that Tor is not at all the right technology to be used for torrents: 'strongly advised against' using Tor for this. If you need to, get a VPN. Be wary of the many trust problems with various VPN providers who promise too much but don't deliver.

I used  to check if my VPN gets bypassed - it doesn't, so VPN works for me. It's very easy to check with a clean Tixati portable folder.
by Ramjet on 2024/01/09 10:09:26 PM    
Just FYI, because finding the right VPN is important these days, Tixati works with VPN Unlimited. I have been told that it works with some (but not all) others but I can confirm this one. VPN Unlimited may not be the absolute best VPN but it seems to be working in Florida.
by notaLamer on 2024/01/10 11:42:48 PM    
Some VPN providers that willfully block tracker IPs and detect and block DHT traffic - those "will not work with Tixati". They usually call it "P2P" and "P2P optimized servers".
Regardless, I suggest you not to connect to US servers for Tixati. But if you insist, please make the life of admins easier and add all these to the IP filter:  Yes it's mostly a blanket ban but for a reason and very low false-positive rate.

TLDR: There's nothing specific about VPNs or Tixati. Just how they decided to set it up, if you read their FAQs you will know.

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