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mouse scroll wheel not scrolling window contents as expected

by idownload2much on 2016/09/26 07:31:49 PM    
Windows 10 Pro x64 clean install + Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000 work as expected outside of Tixati.

but when a Tixati window has more rows than can be displayed--e.g. Transfers torrent list and Transfers -> Peers tab--the vertical scroll bar works as expected.  also, giving focus to the window (click a torrent or a peer) then using up/down arrow keys works as expected.  however, 2 things do not work as expected

1) the mouse wheel does not scroll the window contents.  well, it does, but i have to really fling the wheel to get a small, intermittent, jerky vertical scroll; slow, smooth spinning of the wheel does not scroll the window contents

2) if there is a horizontal scroll bar then tilting the wheel scrolls horizontally as expected, but if there is no horizontal scroll bar then tilting the wheel scrolls vertically: left tilt scrolls up, right tilt scrolls down

maybe I am the only one?  though I did find (only) 2 other (very old) scroll references (  and  ).

this would never make me stop using Tixati, just a minor annoyance that I thought i'd mention.
by FAKEFUL on 2016/09/27 12:40:16 AM    
1.Did you happen to try other mouse, to check if this persists?
2.What version of Tixati you are on?
3.Have you tried to use clean profile?

I'm using W10 x64 1607 and don't have this problem.
I suggest you backup your %appdata%\tixati folder(to be sure you can also export your whole config in settings -> import/export). Then exit tixati, delete %appdata%\tixati and start Tixati again. Check if this problem persists.

Glad you are liking Tixati. I hope we can resolve this issue.
by Guest on 2016/09/27 02:22:21 AM    
For scrolling to work period the part of Tix has to have focus. As I understand there is Windows setting for the scroll in Control Panel.
Maybe your driver software overrides this default. I can confirm all but your push button on the scrollwheel behavior, I don't have that. Just a basic 4 button mouse. Windows driver. Win 8.1 x64
by Guest on 2016/09/27 08:15:17 PM    
FAKEFUL, here's answers to your ?s (sorry, should have thought to include initially).

Win10 Pro x64 v1607 build 14393.187.  this happens with Tix 2.43 and 2.45.  I knew someone was going to ask about a diff mouse and of course I don't have one; i'll see what I can do, however this MS mouse is not using any drivers except Win10 built-in, i.e. is plug-and-play.

I will try the clean Tix profile soon, after copious backups--wiping out that directory scares me :/

thanks, will update ASAP.
by Guest on 2016/09/27 11:40:30 PM    
Remember you can use Settings -> IMPORT/EXPORT or just copy your .DAT files pretty sure uisettings. and settings. are all you need
Only downside is for .DAT file backup you need to restart Tixati.
If you wanted to test differences you could make a new "portable" Tixati directory.
by idownload2much on 2016/10/08 02:34:02 PM    
okay, I finally borrowed a wired mouse and it works as expected in Tixati.

so I tried 2 different Microsoft wireless (2.4GHz) mice and both exhibit erratic scrolling in Tixati, but they work completely fine in every other app I use (browsers, editors, etc).

I feel like this is something that might be fixable in Tixati, but I don't feel it is a major issue, so if a dev sees this and wants to poke around I would appreciate it, but if not, c'est la vie. :)
by Guest on 2016/10/09 03:19:12 AM    
Since it's not 3rd party drivers, maybe you can describe differently what happens, I use one of those $1 mice from china wireless dongle default drivers. It works when i flip up and down.
The only thing that happens when i push the wheel is that circle with arrows.
by idownload2much on 2016/10/09 06:03:09 PM    
the issue I am seeing is when I spin the mouse wheel, not when I press/click it.  spinning is supposed to scroll the active window contents up and down, but in Tixati I get no scrolling unless I super-rapidly spin the wheel and then the scrolling jumps in an uncontrollable manner.

(I do get the circle with arrows in my browser when I click/press/push the mouse wheel, so that is working, but is unrelated to Tixati.)
by Guest on 2016/10/11 05:47:24 PM    
If you're wireless 2 options (you're not close enough, low battery) regarding the IR. UNLESS it's an RF dongle in which case it may be interference.

There was a patch for "unencrypted" Logitech devices a while back when we found out state-sponsored bad actors can impersonate your HID device to input keystrokes...(google "mousejack" mods have deleted my last two posts including actual URLs)
Any pane of Tixati responds to scroll if it has ACTIVE FOCUS. That means you have to click it. This resets itself when you click away or get the "blocked" not-active faded window border. Sometimes Tix will beep or let you know otherwise.

You can search for your model/firmware version in google to find out if there is an update as such. Otherwise, you could post here for more intelligence gathering. In either case, it's good you're being so kind about this.  But as you guessed Tixati is really at the mercy of Windows. In most cases i'd guess the dev team decided to map certain functions to certain key presses in any case (I.E. left-mouse-button == ENTER)

As you made note of you can configure Control Panel -> Keyboard/Mouse OR Ease of Access (Accessibility settings) ...
OR using metro ui Win8-10 Search -> Windows-> Search bar.... click gear icon (settings for Keyboard/Mouse), accessibilities, or "MOUSE" icon items. That should be your driver specific options. For instance it brings up my "synaptics touchpad options" ... Everything here appears to link to the drivers. I have NO IDEA why drivers would be implemented differently in your setup for just Tixati. Verify you don't have other keyhook apps... logger, obfucator, etc.
by idownload2much on 2016/10/19 05:05:09 PM    
hi.  thx for ideas.

weird thing is that no other app behaves like this.  multiple browsers, Notepad++, Excel, Word, etc all scroll responsively to the mouse wheel exactly as expected, which I think rules out RF interference.

MS Wireless Mouse 5000 on Win 10 Pro using standard Win 10 drivers (Device Manager -> Mice and other pointing devices -> HID-compliant mouse -> Driver -> Provider: Microsoft, Date: 6/21/2006, Version: 10.0.14393.0, Signer: Microsoft Windows).

receiver is in USB 2.0 port about 28 inches from keyboard.  I do give focus to Tix window.  slow scrolling mouse wheel has no effect but if I really fling the wheel fast then I do get scrolling in Tix, the contents move some number of lines that seems not proportional to distance scrolled by mouse wheel.

Mouse is set as a left-handed mouse (I tried right-handed with no change in Tix behavior) and all settings are all default including
1) Settings -> Mouse & touchoad -> Mouse -> Roll the mouse wheel to scroll: Multiple lines at a time
2) Control Panel -> Mouse properties -> Wheel -> Vertical Scrolling -> Roll the wheel one notch to scroll: The following number fo lines at a time: 3
3) Control Panel -> Mouse properties -> Wheel -> Horizontal Scrolling -> Tilt the wheel to scroll the following number of characters at a time: 3

I don't know.... :/
by Guest on 2019/03/24 03:55:52 PM    
Hi, I'm having a similar issue with the Surface cover touchpad on a Win 10x64 Surface Pro 6, latest version of Tixati (in the previous version also did not worked, and that's why I tried updating). On every other app the two-finger scroll is working, only on Tixati it does not work as expected (using two finger to scroll the list of torrents or the files inside a torrent selected).
by Guest on 2020/08/01 01:08:19 AM    
I have Microsoft wireless mouse 5000. Same behavior as described above. Only in Tixati the mouse scroll don't work. All scrollable windows in Tixati don't scroll with mouse wheel. When scrolled a lot, it jumps. All other applications work as expected. The window does have focus. Tixati 2.74, Windows 10 x64 version 2004. I suspect that the scroll event is not directly connected to actual mouse over frame of the window.
by Guest on 2020/08/01 02:19:34 AM    
My problem was solved by installing Mouse and Keyboard Center 2.3:
(after reboot)

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