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Feature Request: Re-queue option and other queue ideas.

by johnsirett on 2016/09/18 01:17:37 AM    
One of the things I love about Tixati is the fantastic download/upload slot-based queue management. It's really simple easy to see the current state of the queue and to re-order it and I love that. But it could be just a little bit better.

Right now Tixati provides a context menu option to "Skip Queue" and start a download immediately, which is nice, but it doesn't provide the equivalent reverse option "Re-Queue".

Re-Queue: Context option on a currently downloading/seeding torrent. Stops the torrent but moves it back to the queue to resume later. If a download/upload slot is then made available, a different torrent will be automatically start dl/seed. If the number of dl/ul slots was already exceeded (by using "Skip Queue"), then simply move the torrent back to queue.

As it stands, the only way to do this is to stop the torrent and restart it. This is a minor change but would certainly make the program more user friendly and the lack of such an option has already been causing problems for other users (see  ). While still on the topic of queue management, the following options would be nice as well.

Skip Queue and Replace: Context option on a queued torrent. Starts the torrent, and automatically moves another active torrent back to queue to maintain the existing number of active downloads and seeds.

Move to Top/Move to Bottom: Context options on queued torrents. Move a torrent to top of queue (to become next active file after a slot is freed up) or move to the bottom of the queue
by Guest on 2016/09/18 05:02:41 PM    
try dragging the torrent to the queue section, the torrent will re-queue.
by Guest on 2016/09/19 10:51:10 AM    
@johnsirett: +1000
I agree, I'd like that. these options would be convenient, faster to use and user friendly.
by Guest on 2016/09/21 01:16:53 PM    
If you need to queue to top, current workaround:
Fake finish your transfer .. go to Files -> unselect all files or Ctrl-A and Priority -> OFF
Then turn any file on. If you're currently maxed on slots the transfers goes to top of queue.

If we're adding queue options, please don't forget to add toolbar buttons :) Or alternately keybindings ... It can be problematic to right click queue-up 6-10 times.

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