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Bug: Tixati v2.16 Windows x64 Portable - No Auto-Shutdown

by Guest on 2015/08/12 12:43:53 PM    
Tixati v2.16 Windows x64 Portable (I don't know the build number for this. I donwnloaded it as being the latest stable version so I suppose the correct version number would be v2.16-1)
Windows 7 SP1 x64

As best as I can see there is a bug in Tixati v2.16-1. It will not auto-shutdown the computer on completion of a torrent queue. I made the auto-shutdown settings as follows:

Auto-Shutdown > Shut Down System
Auto-Shutdown > When All Transfers Complete
Auto-Shutdown > Delay > None

All that Tixati does on auto-shutdown is to exit Tixati - the system does not get shutdown. I first noticed this after I was doing an overnight torrent session. When I got up in the morning I discovered that the system was in sleep mode (which would be done by my system settings).

I then tested this several times by making the same settings I made the previous night and got the same result - Tixati doesn't auto-shutdown the system, only exits Tixati itself. I do get the "Tixati - System Shutdown" shutdown dialogue window and it counts down, but all that happens at the end of the count down is that Tixati exits and the system remains running.
by Guest on 2015/08/14 10:53:00 PM    
are you sure that another program is not stopping tixati from shutting down the computer?
by Guest on 2015/08/15 07:50:43 AM    
I have this problem too on Windows 8.1 Pro.I set delay on few minutes Tixati close but don`t shutdown comupter. I have question can you add in new version:
-In Layout>Select columns Tab Transfer views - Can you add option trackers
-In Add>Create New Seed - Can you add field to copy tracker because i must add singly for all torrent when i create

Thanks for this client is awesome :)
by Radish on 2015/08/15 11:52:23 AM    
As sure as I can be. Put it his way, I was using the previous version of Tixati Portable - which I think was v2.15 - and I didn't have this problem with that version. With v2.16 what other programs I am running at the same as Tixati hasn't changed from when I was running Tixati v2.15 (which did properly shutdown the system) - so I think at that there shouldn't be a problem with 2.16, yet there is.

It would be helpful if some other people running the same version of Tixati Portable would test this (it only takes a few seconds to test this) and report back here if they experience the same problem, or, come to that, don't experience the same problem.

Come to that, it would helpful if one of the developers of Tixati would test this and report back into the forum what the result of their test is. Isn't that how bug reporting is supposed to work?
by Guest on 2015/08/17 04:55:00 PM    
i am also facing the same issue but mine is not the portable version, mine is installed (WIN 7 X64) kindly patch it, till then i ll be using the old tixati...
by Guest on 2015/08/17 06:48:08 PM    
I'm experiencing the same thing, until I downloaded v 2.15, auto shutdown upon completion of downloads worked. In this version it doesn't. I just tested it out again, with only Tixati running (no other programs opened). My OS is Win 8.1 Pro (64-bit)
by Radish on 2015/08/19 06:37:10 PM    
Thanks to the 'guest' posters for also reporting the same problem - much appreciated. You are lucky you kept your old v2.15, I didn't and now I'm stuck with a v2.16 that doesn't work properly over an issue that I constantly use while torrenting.

So, now, Tixati that sounds like a confirmed bug that would be easy to fix so why not just do a fix and release a new build of v2.16? Please.

P.S. (Ten minutes later.) Yahoo! I just found and downloaded v2.15 from elsewhere. Backwards for me for just now until this bug in v2.16 is fixed.
by Guest on 2015/08/20 05:47:23 PM    
I'm the last guest to post. I upgraded to v2.16 to see what would happen. System shutdown still fails, but strangely, Tixati itself shuts down, while leaving the computer up and running. Just thought I'd let you know what I was experiencing.
by Radish on 2015/08/21 02:07:35 PM    
I'm the last guest to post. I upgraded to v2.16 to see what would happen. System shutdown still fails, but strangely, Tixati itself shuts down, while leaving the computer up and running. Just thought I'd let you know what I was experiencing.

Thanks for the feedback.

You might have made a mistake in testing 2.16 if you still want auto-shutdown. Seems that if you try 2.16 and then go back to 2.15 then the bug than also shows up in 2.15. For a little more information this see:
by Guest on 2015/08/24 07:48:23 PM    
As I noted above, I originally experienced the bug in v 2.15, so downloading v2.16 didn't make a difference. It didn't work before and it doesn't work now. (I can't remember what I had before v2.15, maybe v2.13, I know I wasn't completely up-to-date.)
by Guest on 2015/08/29 02:23:31 AM    
I got the same problem, I thought it was due to windows 10. Tixati closes itself instead of initiating a shutdown on version 2.16 x64
by bhaskarbs08 on 2015/09/15 11:01:29 AM    
so finally i had to register, as i was till now replying as a guest here..

the tixati "no shutdown bug" is affecting from the update v2.15 & if u update to the recent v2.16 thn u'll find the same bug again.

so i have just formatted my pc (i normally do it for performance once in every 3 months) & downloaded v2.12 .

i ll confirm once my system is shutting down again as b4...

by Guest on 2015/09/16 04:53:30 PM    
I have the same problem since i updated to 2.16 . It was working fine in the previous versions and i tested the bug only tixati closes leaving my system on.

I came here to find a solution but i guess i will go back to 2.15
by alter4 on 2015/12/06 11:26:17 PM    
Updated to 2.28 from 2.26 and got no Auto-Shutdown issue again. WIn 7 64 bit, tixati 64 bit as well
by Guest on 2016/09/25 10:46:14 PM    
Use the current version. Bugs are fixed for every version. There is no other reason to download Tixati from a different site. You can search on this forum for old versions. You can also find versions inside tixati's sharing search feature OR channel.

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