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file allocation

by Guest on 2014/10/12 09:07:39 PM    
i occasionally get torrents that either have many files or have very large files.

it takes hours to allocate such torrents.

which method of the 3 options would be best for these scenarios?

Full Pre-write, Fast Allocate, Sparse.

someone posted something similiar before and mentioned to allocate the files as the data is downloaded. That sounds ideal for these large torrents. Which settings does that? I would check each one but it does take hours to complete.
by Guest on 2014/10/19 07:47:18 PM    
Still very slow even on sparse allocations.

It actually says Waiting to allocate... and then it is counting files, about 3-5 at a time.
by Sailor24 on 2014/10/22 03:04:35 AM    
If you run Tixati all of the time check your disk for fragmentation. For some reason defrag will not complete if tixati is hard at work.
by whyttedragun on 2014/10/25 01:05:13 PM    
I was also having this issue.  I had a 240Gb torrent that I started when I had first reinstalled Tixati, so the aloocation settings were at the default Fast setting.  I switched to sparse, but I didn't realize that it would finish allocating the current file before switching allocation methods, so I thought the sparse setting was not working, and switched back to fast because it seemed "faster".
Lesson learned:  have a bit of patience when changing the settings.  The Sparse setting will kick in.
by crashnburn on 2020/05/19 05:27:56 AM    
Saw both these articles, but found a weird behavoir for one torrent inspite of adding & removing it and adding again (clearing out files) several times on the external HDD. Frankly I am a little baffled.

No matter what I do this torrent 0% which originally seems to have allocated sparse on internal drive, no matter what I try to do or even if replace with existing internal drive folder and files, allocates full on ext HDD (portable) while such is not happening with other torrents.
by Guest on 2021/01/02 02:26:31 AM    
(First of all, thanks a lot to developers for this great program)

So, same problem here, with version 2.78.

Tracking with Linux Kernel I see no activity. It says "allocating" but dirs and files are not even created.

Others torrents download - in the meanwhile - keep going, without problem.

I fix by stopping torrents. Close and re-run Tixati.

It has the same problem if I re-start the specific torrent in queue.

In my case the two torrents have the same directory name, but on aonther machine it created the usual "(1)..." without trouble.

Thanks again

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