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Actual Example of P2P enforcement - with IP Filter file

by Guest on 2021/07/23 07:43:59 PM    
Some 'infringement notices' arrived in our abuse folder this week.

Instead of pressing the DEL key I've been investigating some of these.

I have obfuscated some of the following abuse notice

Notice of Claimed Infringement - Case ID XX
Hash: SHA1

Notice ID:   XX
Notice Date: 2021-07-20TXX:XX:XXZ


Dear Sir or Madam:

I cert.ify pena.lty of per.jury that I am au.thoriz.ed to ac.t on beh.alf of the Vi@c_omC?S Inc. compa.nies C?S Broa.dcasting Inc., CB? Stu?dios Inc., Para_mount Pi_ctures Corpora_tion, Sh-ow-time Netw-orks Inc., Vi com Intern-ational, Inc., and V-i-@-c-omC-B-S Inc. subsid.iaries and affil.iates (collecti.vely, the "Rig.hts Own.ers"), th.e ow.ners o.f cert.ain exclu.sive inte.llectual prop.erty ri.ghts in the cop.yrighted wo.rk(s) ident.ified in this noti.ce. I h.ave a go.od bel.ief the inform.ation in this is accu..rate.

BS BS BS BS BS and more BS

OK, so lets see how they send these notices

Spin up a clean Win10 instance, install v2.84 and see what happens:

paste in the infohash reported...

Some 100% seeders looks good... some partials with bi-directional traffic, and some SCUMBAG IP's "lurking" with NO FILES!

This is an Anti-P2P enforcement bot - and again looks like they need two positive hits as evidence. :51500  Location: United Kingdom ISP: F_a_s_t_h_o_s_t_s UK  :51500  Location: Netherlands    ISP: N_F_O_r_c_e NL

Again more dumbass stupid config, Port 51500 giving the game away on a massive range of their machines.

Probe some of the NL machines
IP             RDNS                   PORT              P2P_handshake_true           51500             True          51500             True          51500             True          51500             True          51500             True          51500             True          51500             True          51500             True

This is definitely dodgy AF!

Block it folks!


# f_a_s_t_hosts and nfo_rce

Going further, constantly probing these machines for handshakes, I found they often identify differently

They have gone to significant effort to "hide" the identifiers:

AND it seems this has been here a long time. Judging by some of the ANCIENT software versions

Bitcomet 1.35
uTorrent 3.1.3
Mainline 7.4.1
Transmission 2.61
Azureus 5.2.0


I'm ALWAYS logging...  ;-D
by Guest on 2021/07/24 03:06:45 PM    
Thank you, great findings! I wish more people would carry the knowledge (of their inboxes) out into the world.
I've seen a couple of 'misbehaving hosts' from NFO rce before, but after research that indicated many legit users chose that hosting for their low prices (aka 'notoriety') I thought they were legitimate after all. Apparently it's not that easy to determine as the enemies of informational freedom use the same companies for themselves. But the scale: a 64 IPv4 subnet!

I'm gonna assume the clowns in the e-mail are the 'I?E*' company due to being hired by the same PARAlyzed MOUNTain company, here is an old but accurate study specifically citing them as an example of false-positives:  I thought they operated solely off AWS and Linode (you can pretty much go and blacklist AWS, GCP, Azure ASNs right now as a whole due to traffic cost to normal legit users), apparently not and they're spreading operations. Or this is indeed a separate entity, because I still have 20k blocked hits for DHT coming from AWS (and even more from OVH).

The war on the clearnet continues, but only their lobby efforts will succeed sadly.

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