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Tixati on MacOS - please please PLEASE

by Guest on 2022/07/17 02:19:03 PM    
Hello :)

I bought my first MacBook. One of the most shocking things I have discovered is just how ridiculously useless the Torrent clients available for MacOS are.

I'm serious. Words cannot describe the utter garbage all these clients for Mac are. I've tried them all. ALL !!!

NONE of them have the option to download sequentially, set priority, check/uncheck individual files etc. Absolutely terrible customisability.

Therefore, objectively: Tixati for MacOS would have NO competition WHATSOEVER. None. Zero.

I would pay a f*cking subscription for Tixati on Mac - 2 dollars/month billed annually.

I can't be the only one who thinks this. Tixati on Mac would be revolutionary for torrenting on Mac.

I know there are emulators and WinVMs, but the CPU usage is too big... :(

So please, please, please, reconsider releasing a MacOS version. You could make serious money with a subscription model or paid version. PLUS you would do a lot of Mac user a BIG favour.

Thank you for the works so far.
by Arniceous on 2022/10/12 09:38:43 AM    
no macfuckup requests you really should toss it and chew some open-source flavour you can learn or go win~
by Guest on 2022/10/16 03:39:13 AM    
Thanks for the kind words.

I really would like to make a Mac version, but honestly at the moment there just isn't enough demand to justify all the work that would be required, and there's a mountain of urgent work in other areas that is a high priority for us.

We actually did some of the preliminary work toward this last year, but there were difficulties in getting a suitable build and debug environment up and running, as well as some issues with the different virtualization platforms not playing nice with OSX (we don't have any actual Macs here).

Once we reach a few more development goals and have some more time to spare, we will definitely re-evaluate the situation and perhaps give it another try.

I wish I had a more positive answer for you, but I don't want to get anyone's hopes up prematurely.

by KH on 2016/01/05 11:04:58 PM

by Guest on 2022/11/03 09:07:50 AM    
My mac really needs TIXATI, the best torrent client, no doubt
by notaLamer on 2022/12/11 03:02:32 PM    
I'd like to add that to publish an app on Apple's App Store costs money to pay for the developer account. That's the ecosystem you chose, where the only official way to distribute a free program is to pay money. Are you willing to?
PS: Maybe Tixati should have a price tag for MacOS like the free Greenshot screenshot capture tool does.

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