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File Location Column

by Perringaiden on 2014/08/03 01:55:24 AM    
I've looked for this everywhere I can, and I can't seem to find it if its possible, but is there some way to either:

a) Sort torrents by the folder they are in?
b) See a column that displays the file location?

I had a dodgy drive at one point, so not every "Move after completion" worked, but they're interspersed between valid moves.  I think I've cleaned it all up and got everything to the right place, but I see the same thing happening when my next drive runs low on space.  I'd like to be able to see which torrents are where based on file location (visible in the Options tab), in a sortable column in the Transfers view.

Is this possible, or can it be implemented?

by Zero_Ego on 2019/06/18 12:21:42 PM    
A very good question.

Sorting by "File location" is a must when trying to sort through hundreds of torrents. (And is a trouble shooting tool)

Your torrents can get easily dispersed over different drives.

(Not to mention what happens when Windows starts changing drive letters on you.  One has to manually reassign the drive names)
by Snipe on 2019/06/22 10:16:01 AM    
I don't believe Tixati can currently do this. This is one of very few things I wish they would improve.
by Guest on 2019/06/26 03:31:16 PM    
Have disscused this before here.

No idea why this is not implemented even though a lot of people have asked for it.

by janet on 2021/12/11 10:40:30 AM    
Check out Tixati v2.87.
From the news page:
in the Transfers view Layout > Select Columns dialog, added new tab for optional Files view columns
added optional Location column to Transfers view and Files view
added optional Move On Complete column to Transfers view and Files view
in Peers view, renamed Location column to Country
show full paths for tooltip for Location and Move On Complete columns

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