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RSS update interval bug

by Guest on 2014/06/25 07:51:47 PM    
I've been using Tixati for RSS for over a year and a half now and, as of about a week ago, the update interval for all my RSS feeds is stuck at 5 hours on both. I tried changing the minimum update interval under feed processing settings, but that didn't do anything; no matter what interval I set it to, it would only auto-update every 5 hours. As far as I can tell, there are no other settings that would affect this. Even if the RSS feed found something to download, the time wouldn't reset to what I had set it to(1 hour).

Side note: as I was changing the settings, I noticed that 5 hours wasn't even an option for the minimum feed update interval.
by Guest on 2014/06/26 11:38:25 AM    
some places set a minimum update interval, and it sounds like the place you connect to has bumped theirs up to 5 hrs. only option I know of is to manually update once in a while.
by pmshah on 2017/02/20 11:17:48 PM    
Not true. If I use QT RSS reader with the same feeds it does update every 30 minutes which is the time I have set. Tixati does not even update even when restarting the PC after 8 - 10 hours. I have to do it manually.
by Guest on 2019/10/26 01:04:23 PM    
Having same issue. Just doesn't update any less than 10 hours for any rss feed I throw at it.

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