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Tixati hangs when presenting "Select Location" screen

by hostess3055 on 2024/05/14 05:24:08 PM    
When I choose "Change..." or "Move..." to choose new location for downloads the "Select Location" dialogs opens but it takes a very long time to initially list the folders inside each drive letter - instead showing "Loading..." text  . When I reopen the dialog later the application usually hangs completely  for a long time - I can't close the dialog and often need to kill the whole app.

This started occurring sometime around the last few months. Before the folders would be listed instantly.

I'm using latest version under Win10. Tixati v3.24
by ZarkBit on 2024/05/17 03:31:40 PM    
Same here with the 3.24 release, takes a really long time for it to list the folders, with the "Loading..." message.

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC
21H2 19044.4291

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