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Why does Tixati consume and waste so much data?

by Guest on 2024/05/09 11:24:29 PM    
Why does Tixati consume and waste so much data?
E.g. to download a 500GB file, Tixati wastes over 2GB of data, consuming over four times the actual data to download.
by Guest on 2024/05/10 11:34:17 AM    
(errata corrige)
I mean 500MB (not 500GB) of data and Tixati waste over 2GB.

Now I putted a 3.10GB file for download (limit outgoing to 10Kb, for test download waste).
Result is a use of a bit less of 14GB for download 3.1GB!!!!!
by Guest on 2024/05/11 04:27:20 PM    
Do you use Tixati channels?

Do you see that much traffic on individual torrent bandwidth graph, or on total bandwidth graph?

What's on DHT bandwidth graph?

Do you get those numbers from Tixati stats, or from some other tool? Which one?
by Guest on 2024/05/12 01:30:38 PM    
Don't use channels.
I simply put a torrent file for test, upload at 10Kb for not influencing the result.
I use ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter. The result is that above. I have fiber connection. Download is quite fast, few seconds to download the example file of 3.10GB, and the total cost is quite 14GB of traffic data.
by Guest on 2024/05/12 04:39:42 PM    
Well, what is your actual internet connection bandwidth, how much of it is used during download (according to Tixati graph and/or external tools), how much file download traffic and other download traffic Tixati itself reports in data totals, how many peers does the torrent have (couple or couple thousands)?

If you can download 14 GB in 10 seconds or so, you must have >10 Gbit network link. While it is possible that some ISP is crazy enough to offer that, I don't really think that regular network peers can saturate the connection that fast. You should also have some hot SSD to dump all those random block writes on it so fast.

It is possible that request planning in Tixati breaks when receiving complete segments that fast, but more information is needed about your system and environment.
by Guest on 2024/05/12 05:39:42 PM    
That BW Meter SW was updated around 7 years ago. It doesn't measure BW used per program but the entire system, apparently. Are you sure you are measuring this right? because it doesn't seem to be the right tool to do so. Why do you put in doubt Tixati, and use another basic program not meant to achieve your goal? If you mistrust Tixati, just because, the problem is wherever else but not coming from Tixati. If you keep thinking this way without any proof or evidence, you have no ground to even change SW. So, this whole thing makes no sense whatsoever.
by Guest on 2024/05/13 09:56:24 PM    
So tell me a tiny free program, portable version, to test.
by Guest on 2024/05/13 10:27:23 PM    
Obviously I test only with Tixati open.
If Tixati is not running I have no data transfer.
by Guest on 2024/05/14 02:52:49 PM    
Tixati already has traffic counters right at the home screen. Can you at least tell us how much they increase when you download a torrent of certain size?
by Guest on 2024/05/14 11:32:13 PM    
I don't see traffic counters. If you mean bandwidth tab it say the instant transfer ratio... or transfer>details it says the exact amount of the file.
I need to test with a third party software.
Downloaded again the 3.10G file posted above, it takes about 7 minutes, shaplus tell me something less than 13000MB transfer.
another tiny free program, portable version, to test???
by Guest on 2024/05/16 10:58:27 AM    
are you on metered/capped connection?
can you join tixati channels?
by Guest on 2024/05/17 11:16:15 AM    
i think you need to understand that network data is measured in bits but computer data is measured in Bytes and 1 byte = 8 bits
that means 1 Gigabyte(GB) of computer data = 8 Gigabits (Gb) of network transfer
by Guest on 2024/05/18 01:36:40 PM    
i think you need to understand that your comment is useless.

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