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In the current version, how to customize the ?User-Agent

by rer on 2024/04/21 02:33:50 PM    
In the current version, how to customize the ?User-Agent
(现版本中 如何自定义?User-Agent)

See here How do I set it up?
by ZarkBit on 2024/04/22 09:32:55 AM    
In continuation of our discussion on Tixati User Group - Help and Support channel.

I had made the mistake of including "include_private" when that option isn't part of the available options in Advanced Options, removing that line should make everything work as you intend.
by rer on 2024/04/22 12:00:09 PM    
Thank you so much My friend!by ZarkBit (太感谢你了 我的朋友!by ZarkBit )

I did it......(我成功了……)
My configuration is as follows:(我的配置如下:)

wildcard: *
peerid: -LT2070-9****9***GTR
xfer_peerid: -LT2070-9****9***GTR
header:%0D%0AUser-Agent: libtorrent/
(The last line is left blank to ensure a loop / 最后这一行留空保证循环 )

: The symbol uses lowercase + space / 该符号使用小写+空格

Http Effect:
Udp Effect:

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