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[Bug] Strange bandwidth limiter behaviour

by Nbr761 on 2024/04/21 01:06:34 AM    
When ANY limit is set it download speeds way below expected speeds.

So when they are a set of torrents that can download at speeds excesses of 85MB's, start getting throttled to around 25MB's when the limit is set too 999MB's.

Here is some images of the bw graph of what I mean when the limit is set too 999MB's.

No Limiter -
Limiter gets enabled -
Limiter gets Disabled -

This is done using a 1gb line up/down with constant 6ms to cloudflare's dns servers (so no issue with the internet connection)
by Nbr761 on 2024/04/21 01:31:11 AM    
Also Seeding speeds are effected, Is this case they are a LOT better with it on. (but they are VERY under-preforming with it off anyway)

With a different set of torrents.

(I think you can spot when the bw limiter was enabled disabled here)
by notaLamer on 2024/04/21 02:58:09 PM    
with constant 6ms to cloudflare's dns servers
Thanks for this report I have always felt there's some undocumented behavior with the Bandwidth Limiter. For me it used to be that Seeding would drop down as soon as I enabled both Download and Upload speed limits. And it dropped way lower than with only Upload speed limit. But at that time seeding at 90% of available bandwidth caused high pings too and thats not the case for you.
PS: it may be helpful to try pings to some of the peers in your/nearby countries to confirm that most networks are fast and not just You<--->Cloudflare
by Guest on 2024/04/22 12:08:48 PM    
I can confirmed, pings to other datacentres have stable pings.
by Nbr761 on 2024/04/22 12:16:12 PM    
I have used tixati portable edition, on two computers on my LAN and have the same thing happen.

Also, why in the hell was tixati <--> tixati on a 2.5gb LAN not able to transfer at speeds over 60mbs? This is using out of box setting for v3.24, both system use nvme storage.

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