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Unable to adjust column widths, nor xfer tab win height

by TixMan on 2024/04/18 10:31:35 PM    
I'm using Centos8 with Tixati v3.24 installed and working.  Just began using it again after a couple years without.  I recall the configuration/settings 'way back when' allowed the column widths (i.e. 'Name', 'Bytes', etc...) in the Transfers windows to be dynamically resized by just dragging and moving the edge (of the column itself).  All that does now is re-order the columns; which isn't what I want.  I also recall the bottom window 'height' where the "Details", 'Peers' and other tabs relating info about any given transfer could be adjusted in height, too---which I can no longer do.

I've reviewed the Help and Support, searched the forum posts and reviewed the Settings for configuration items, and nothing seems to be indicating what the issue could be for me.  Is adjusting column widths a thing of the past?

Thank you.

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