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.deb package is not compatible with next Ubuntu release (24.04)

by Guest on 2024/04/14 06:39:15 PM    
I am testing Lubuntu 24.04 Beta (regular amd64 live image). Installing latest .deb releases of Tixati, FOPNU, and DarkMX via default double click GUI wrapper (qapt-deb-installer) does not work because of unsatisfied dependencies. It's trivial to confirm that libgtk-3-0 does not exist any more for amd64 in Ubuntu.

In March, Debian performed global transition to 64-bit time_t builds by default, there's enough public info on that. Potentially long-running 32-bit architectures (i.e. low-end ARM) now get two sets of affected packages, with traditional names (for compatibility with all the external legacy software, to be deprecated as we move closer to 2038), and with t64 suffix (to be used by default by newly built packages with clean code). i386 port remains forever young and forever backwards-compatible. On 64-bit architectures, 64-bit time_t was the default, so for most user-facing software the only difference there is in the label. Ubuntu, in preparation for LTS release, pressed on fast-forward, renamed, and cleaned the whole package hierarchy for amd64 according to new rules.

Note that installing directly with dpkg works just fine, as GTK libraries are provided by libgtk-3-0t64, which is present in the system by default. I haven't noticed any problems after using each application for some time. Of course, I know nothing about their internals and compilation options, but it seems to me that it's OK to just change package name in .deb file dependency list...

However, then it will stop working as intended in all other, older distributions (including many end-of-life ones which still are compatible with Tixati). Well, libgtk-3-0 (>= 3.6.0) | libgtk-3-0t64 will probably work.

Hmm, it has just occurred to me that a lot of third party developers will have to wake up and make similar edits when Ubuntu gets released later this month.
by baalbes on 2024/04/19 01:42:10 PM    
not compatible because of SHITUX

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