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Scrolling via TrackPoint no longer works

by Cazotte on 2024/04/12 01:20:44 PM    
Dear Tixati developer,

I use Lenovo ThinkPad X61 laptop with TrackPoint along with 3 buttons under a space bar/1 to move the cursor, activate scroll mode, invoke a context menu or click. Scroll mode is activated by pressing the middle button, then you drag that red nub in the desired direction, say, up or down. If there is a scrollbar in the current window, this contributes to its movement (e.g. notepad, browser, player playlist).

Until recently, Tixati windows (e.g. with the list of torrents) worked exactly the same way. But now the interface has changed and scrolling no longer works as before: it is necessary to bring the cursor to the edge of the window, wait for the spot to appear, grab it by pressing the left button and drag it, which is extremely inconvenient/2.

Please either roll back that change, or make an option for legacy users like me. Thank you in advance.


by Guest on 2024/04/12 03:11:24 PM    
in Settings->Behavior there are scrolling options that might help you.
by Cazotte on 2024/04/12 10:51:37 PM    
The options under Behavior->Scrolling allow me to choose between a transparent and opaque version of the scrollbars, but this does not solve the problem with scrolling using TrackPoint. The new Tixati interface doesn't seem to know it even exists.
by Cazotte on 2024/05/05 12:46:23 PM    
What's the latest version of Tixati with the classic GUI look?

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