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Can't move individual files to already downloaded location

by Guest on 2024/04/01 08:54:13 PM    
I am using Tixati 3.24-1 on Linux Mint 21.3

I download a torrent which has multiple files in it inside directory structures and open the torrent in Tixati

I have already downloaded some of the files and these are in a NAS drive attached to the PC so I set the priority of these files to Off

I highlight a ( not downloaded ) file, select move and select the folder where the previously downloaded copy already exists.

The "OK" button remains greyed out.

( This functionality had worked in previous versions of Tixati.)

Also when it shows the filesizes of the existing files in the folder it does not show the filesizes in bytes. There seems to be no way to adjust the filesize width. ( The filesizes in the original torrent are shown in bytes.)
by Guest on 2024/04/01 09:31:39 PM    
Subsequently found that it was a Linux file permissions issue.  Some files I had downloaded recently had write access blocked at the folder level.

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