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How to make Tixati download a .torrent file but DO NOT start any

by thecubefarm on 2024/03/26 07:10:37 PM    
I use a seedbox only need the .TORRENT file which gets transferred to the seedbox and downloads the contents of the .torrent file.  With some fiddling around I got Tixati to get the download and not transfer as I told it to do 1 transfer at a time and I have a transfer that will never complete.

While this works, this is a fudge.  Is there a way to tell tixati to get the .torrent file.  The objective is to not have my personal computer transfer any files and send the .torrents to the seedbox.
by notaLamer on 2024/03/28 06:06:54 PM    
Are you talking about RSS? I see like 3 options all similarly named in RSS Settings: "Auto-download items" / "Magnet-links eligible for auto-download" / "Auto-start new item downloads"
by thecubefarm on 2024/03/29 09:19:13 PM    
No, but everything you describe is how I've got it set.

What I want to do is get the .torrent file but NOT have taxati try to download the torrent, just save the .torrent file in the torrent directory but DO NOT try to transfer the file.

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