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***** Tixati v3.24 is Now Available! *****    📌    🔒  

by janet on 2024/03/22 08:31:49 PM    
March 22, 2024

Tixati version 3.24 is now available. Several important fixes and improvements have been made:

- fixed problems with 256 MB piece size torrents
- better support for high precision scrolling devices in Windows 10/11
- saving .torrent files for multiple transfer / category selection now works correctly
- fixed several problems with menus in Linux builds
- new system log window in Help > Diagnostics
- new incoming connections window in Help > Diagnostics
- contact list can be docked / undocked by right-click on Contacts button in main bar
- new byte counters window accessible from Bandwidth view under Advanced options
- Share view has been consolidated into Home view
- removed top button from contact list
- new ignore list window accessible from Home view
- improved user key-change dialog that now shows both public and private key
- channel creation dialog now shows both public and private key
- new key finder that can create public keys that start with user-specified string
- file/folder selection dialogs start browsing from previous location
- fixed problems with download/piece path error popup dialogs
- fixed minor problems re-activating channel stream properties window and stream playlist window
- minor improvements to split-pane resizing algorithms
- fixed problems with rich text view scroll-to-selection function
- fixed problems with rich text view page up/down cursor placement and selection
- minor fixes to mouse-pointer icon selection when hovering rich text views
- in system log, fixed inaccurate logging of transfer load operation during program startup
- no longer shows merge prompt when moving single-file transfer location to existing folder
- fixed problems renaming single-file transfers in the preload window
- fixed problems with watched folder .torrent file loading
- in Windows build folder selection windows, no longer auto-expand drives within My Computer / This-PC
- new scrolling configuration window available from Settings > UI > Behavior
- new vertical and horizontal mouse wheel speed controls in scrolling configuration window
- support macro double-clicks in Windows builds that run mouse customization software
- several other minor fixes and adjustments throughout the program

Thanks for using Tixati!

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