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Installing the 3.2.3 deb on Ubuntu Linnux, but I'm still on 3.2.

by cdysthe on 2024/03/22 06:52:53 PM    
I have installed the 3.2.3 deb on Ubuntu Linux, but I'm still on 3.2.2 when I reopen the application, and when I check for updates I'm informed there is one. I have installed and reinstalled. Still 3.2.2 whatever I do. Am I missing something here?
by Guest on 2024/03/23 05:02:31 PM    
try getting v3.24
by cdysthe on 2024/03/23 07:39:44 PM    
I did and the application installed and when I check for updates there's none. But when I do "About Tixati" it still says 3.2.2. I do not care as long as I got the update but just wanted you to know.

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