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Why can't it be automatically shut down based on how many seeds

by i990049 on 2024/03/20 05:42:29 PM    
This can be done with other software, such as utorrent/bitcomet/bigly BT. This is very helpful for uploaders.
by Guest on 2024/03/23 01:27:40 PM    
Hi i990049,

What are you trying to shut down? Tixati program itself or single downloads?

To stop a single download due to enough seeders already being online:

1) Highlight the download(s) you want this rule to apply to (hold shift to do whole blocks, or crtl and click/pick individual ones)
2) Right hand mouse click, choose SEEDING, down to REMOTE SEED LIMIT, choose a number, choices are between 1-50

To undo, select individual downloads or A-Z (everything) and select REMOTE SEED LIMIT 0 - (to turn it off)

What this does:

Selecting "1" means if only ONE person online has more than you, it will stop your seed and turn off to: "Complete - Offline"

Since this feature is partially broken in Tixati, (as Tixati often reports the incorrect % for peers)
I would recommend you choose the setting of 2 or 3 SEEDS you side. This means your Tixati download won't go offline after seeing 1 peer who doesn't share anything

You won't waste your bandwidth when there's maybe heaps of SEEDERS online.

This means your upload efforts are well focused on seeding rarer stuff - which is presumably why you're asking this question?
Keep enabling 100% of your stuff each week and see what turns off due to enough seeders online.

Let us know if this was useful ?
by i990049 on 2024/05/15 06:55:45 PM    
As an uploader, it is not accurate to decide the auto-shutdown time based on the upload ratio. Many private trackers require at least some torrents produce before they can stop uploading, and it should be very convenient to have this feature.

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