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Industrial level torrent spybot on a single IP

by Guest on 2024/03/16 08:48:52 PM    
Wondering if anybody is experiencing industrial level abuse from a certain IP ?

This IP seems to be almost everywhere, a totally FAKE client and never exchanges data pieces.
They must think we are absolutely stupid not detecting this efwittery.

Protocol responses are totally wrong when analyzed so definitely not real.
Another spy-bot as obvious as a fart in an elevator.

FRANCE Scaleway hosted server (not a VPN)

Fake Identifier: "Transmission 2.2.1"

one niner fiver .
quarter of 616 .
Highest score with three Darts +1 .
Half 450

Anybody else observing this activity?
My entire fixation these days is detecting these obscurities.
by Guest on 2024/03/17 04:44:53 AM    
Hi, yeah I noticed a French ip that is constantly refused (as far as I can tell) by Tixati and it's indeed on a wide variety of popular, public torrents of any nature really. Not an expert on this but it is kind of concerning.
by Guest on 2024/03/17 05:57:22 AM    
I can see it too. Not sure what it might be but probably some kind of seed-box or server-related service.
by Guest on 2024/03/24 03:29:10 PM    
join tixati help channel so you can give link of forum posts there. i would have missed this post
by Guest on 2024/04/01 04:25:00 AM    
I had a look at Tixati App help channel but there was only 1 post made in entire 2024.
Can't really see how you would be informed about many reports by monitoring that group?

I waited for the forum to download all messages but still very quiet. What am I doing wrong?
Nobody seems to use those Tixati App Forums which is shame. Not many seem to use chat feature either unless I'm in the wrong places?

On Tixati Web forums, used to be very good but everybody seems to have lost interest nowadays.

I have given up with these forums a long while ago, it's become only talking to myself.
There is a lack of interest from many people for unknown reason.

I used to reply solutions to many posts but now I don't bother as much.

Maybe the Dev thinks we all join to complain on here, I only try and problem solve and debug Tixati.

How can we get more participation?
by Guest on 2024/04/01 04:43:20 PM    
just stay in user help chat channel and send links there so i do not miss it
by Guest on 2024/04/11 06:03:06 PM    
The "help channel" on tixati is a USER support group, not any official portal.

This forum is the official support forum. It is monitored by the devteam from what I have seen.

You mention that there is very little posting on the tixati user help channel. Damn right. And that only speaks to the fact that tixati as is is functioning VERY well!

Bug Reports and Fantasy Feature requests should be posted here, where such comments are received by members of the devteam and escalated when justified.

You might not get a dialog on your pet peeves but they usually get the attention they deserve. And I know this system works. I have seen a "few" of my bug reports and feature requests being referenced on the change log, often with no dialog. I know the dev "hears" me and many others. There would be a much smaller change log without all this critical user feedback.

Just don't think the devteam is ignoring you because they do not elect to open a public dialog with you and hold your hand. Most of the time if the bug report or feature request is spelled out in detail, the devteam has all they need to proceed, to investigate and to remedy if need be.
by Guest on 2024/04/12 06:15:40 PM    
Thanks for your reply,

I agree, you are right. If you're lucky sometimes you will get a direct answer from a dev which is superb, if not an honor.
Features and fixes first described on this forum have definitely made it into the final product.

I have posted hundreds of times on here helping noobs solve basic issues. I could ignore them, but instead I helped when nobody else bothered, detailing precise instructions.

I'm guessing most users are 'smash n grab' and care nothing towards the ecosystem of Tixati. Which is fine. "you do you" as the saying goes.

Others, put in significantly more effort into testing and debugging issues. Certainly not because we want to fault or criticize any of the devs exceptionally hard work,
but because we see something quite unusual or obscure and want to ask for second opinions from like-minded technical users in case they experience it too.
Who better to ask than other experts on here or even the devs who wrote it I guess?

I enjoy using Tixati for the technology (transport layer) aspects, not the content, that is generally irrelevant to me.
You'd need to appreciate the protocol powering Tixati is the absolute KING when it comes to exceptionally poor TCP/UDP conditions, which some people still unfortunately face.

I've previously used protocol analyzers to prove other software was at fault on a protocol level, not Tixati.
Tixati implementation of the protocol is pretty much perfect from what I can see. And many user features and information panels makes it extremely enjoyable to use.

If you put in a considerable amount effort into a subject matter on here, describing it in detail, providing logs, captures etc, highlighting the issue so even noobs can participate
it's often quite nice and rewarding to have some sort of equal minded feedback, I hope you can appreciate and realize that is the actual meaning behind my comments.

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