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User Interface Changes Causing Work Flow Problems

by Phlexor on 2024/03/13 05:34:22 PM    
There are a couple of user interface changes that are causing work flow problems.

First is the keyboard shortcuts for skipping words, Ctrl+Left anbd Ctrl+Right, has changed behavior. It used to skip to the start of any brackets, now it skip that and goes to the word, also it skips past things like minus signs unlike before.

Second is that the threshold for mouse double click has changed and now the double click button on my logitech mouse is no longer detected like it was before, this is a button on my mouse that is assign as double click by the logitech software.

Hopefully these changes can be reverted as I feel the interface now is less useful.

Thank you for your time.
by KH on 2024/03/23 04:47:04 PM    
Thanks for the report.

For v3.24, I made some changes to the way the Windows API double-click messages are handled.  This should fix the problem.

I didn't have time to install the Logitech Options software on a machine to test the fix, but I'm assuming it sends WM_LBUTTONDBLCLK messages directly to the target window, without the usual preceding down/up button sequence.

If this didn't work, let me know and I'll setup a VM with the logitech software and try again.
by Phlexor on 2024/03/26 07:51:16 AM    
Thanks. Software double click now works like it used to.

Not sure if you can revert the behavour of control-left/right word skipping, but would appreciate some feedback on the status of that.
by notaLamer on 2024/03/28 06:02:37 PM    
Phlexor about the CTRL-Arrows to jump between words. I have started using this not too long ago on Windows and had to get used to a different behavior when I switched to Linux. I don't know when this particular feature started and by whom, but it's surely from the text era from before GUI interfaces. Despite this, some older Windows "controls" (terminology for a ready to use graphical user interface block) did support CTRL-Arrow but not CTRL-Backspace to delete a word. I think the Notepad from Windows 7 still did not, that's when pressing CTRL-Backspace adds a broken character rather than erasing a word.

The shells on Linux (consoles) have their own understanding of what constitutes a word when a similar hotkey is used. Tixati had recently upgraded from the graphical toolkit GTK2 to GTK3 so the people behind GTK (GNOME, working on Linux GUI) had decided to change this behavior... I think it is the GTK. I doubt it's in the hand of Tixati to change this behavior and carry this burden going forward. Even if so, other programs will use the default GTK3. This topic is worth its own investigation. For now I will personally tolerate this across programs and OSes.
by Phlexor on 2024/04/13 06:41:22 AM    
This is very frustrating. My take away is that Windows has better text editing than Linux, got it.

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