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3.22 Linux  - Context menus not working

by mehdus on 2024/03/05 11:28:32 AM    
I upgraded from 3.19 to 3.22
Now context menu items don't work anymore, the context menu just disappear when I click anything.
by Guest on 2024/03/17 07:39:07 AM    
Where exactly are you clicking?
All menus in my linux 3.22 version are working correctly.
Could it have something to do with this:
by mehdus on 2024/03/17 09:55:57 PM    
Yes, it is the same issue.
I posted there with a video showing the problem.
Hopefully this gets fixed soon.
by KH on 2024/03/23 04:32:51 PM    
Should now be working in v3.24.  The menus for GTK were completely re-done.

Thanks for letting us know.
by mehdus on 2024/03/24 02:46:41 PM    
Menus are working again in 3.24
Thank you dev team for the fast fix

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