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Incredibly slow to start and lags computer.

by doobz on 2024/02/11 02:14:28 PM    
I love tixati for its chat rooms and other functionality. But the last few versions have become incredibly unstable.

When I start it, it takes about 15 minutes to start, while it's starting, it uses a quarter of my 8gb of ram and freezes up the HDD. It takes about half an hour to become stable. Then when it's finally done doing whatever it needs to do it makes my computer slower than a granny doing a 10 man gangbang. It's using %74 of my ram, so trying to run anything else while it's active is more or less impossible. It lags everything, my browser takes 5 minutes to load, task manager basically doesn't load at all unless I wait 20 minutes.

It used to do this in earlier versions too, and now it's gone back to how it was.

Is there a solution to this? Is it a bugged release? Is it something I'm doing wrong?

by Guest on 2024/02/11 08:45:44 PM    
What OS?
How many torrents in the program?
How many running? How active?
How many channels? Large channels?

If you are in channels with many shares that will increase the RAM usage.
by doobz on 2024/02/11 09:12:46 PM    
What OS? Windows 10

How many torrents in the program? At the moment, none. Too unreliable and laggy to download anything.

How many running? How active? Again, none.

How many channels? Large channels? Whichever ones are in the default search, I haven't added any myself.

In contrast, I've had to resort to using Transmission. I have a 685gb download running in that with no problems whatsoever. No lag, no memory hogging.
by TX007 on 2024/02/13 08:10:50 AM    
It sounds like Tixati is having trouble with your antivirus. Try adding Tixati to exclusions list.
by TX007 on 2024/02/13 08:55:57 AM    
If you are still having issues, you can turn off the antivirus before starting Tixati.
by notaLamer on 2024/02/14 11:00:35 PM    
Channels count if you have ever joined them and downloaded users shared links from there. Disabling channels in Tixati settings will require a restart to unload that memory. Even then some people claimed that deleting channel .dat files helped further.
Tixati uses a lot of RAM, especially for channels (due to duplicated shares mostly). Either join only a few channels after purging data or... don't use Tixati :( In my case, having joined all channels I want and participated in more, Tixati sat at 2.8 GB memory including my many transfers. I know there are other clients out there but only few work well with VPNs.

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