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Error when changing displays

by Guest on 2024/02/05 05:22:53 PM    
If I'm using my laptop screen with the Windows option to scale the text to 125%, and then change the display to my larger external monitor (with the zoom set to 100%), Tixati gets stuck in the zoomed-in mode and gives an error when I try to close its window (something like "The tray icon can't be shown due to an error. Do you want to close Tixati now?"). Restarting it fixes this.

Tixati v3.19 Portable
Windows 10
by Guest on 2024/02/05 07:00:04 PM    
Note that other programs also have scaling issues when changing between displays, but this specific tray issue only happens with Tixati. I'm able to restore and minimize other programs, like foobar2000, without having to restart it.

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