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downloaded video does not open in MPV after computer rebuild

by Guest on 2024/02/02 05:32:22 AM    
After my computer rebuild, when I open Tixati, I can see the downloaded videos, but cannot open any of them. Next to each name on the list is a gold color asterisk. Please advise.
by TX007 on 2024/02/03 06:05:24 AM    
To get help online, you need to provide as many details as you can. Otherwise, others will simply try to make some guesses.  Anyway, If your files are damaged, you need to recheck the torrent and re-download them. But, If they are located on an external disk, and they are fine, maybe the letter of the drive where you have the files changed. In that case, from Transfers tab, right click over the torrent, click on Local files , then on Location, then on Move, and select the folder where the files are located. Or you can revert back the drive previous letter by following this tutorial:  

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