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Unknown country Unknown client

by Chipsum on 2024/01/31 08:26:22 PM    
Sometimes it displays Unknown, country but when I copy the Ip and locate it with any online ip locator I find the country.
and most of the times most peers don't show client.
by Guest on 2024/02/02 10:03:32 PM    
Tixati has a built-in offline geolocation-IP database. See IP location tables updates at  . It's possible that the database doesn't have a country assigned to a specific IP. Please be aware that IP location databases (online or offline) are often rough estimates. I recommend reading a great story from 2016 titled How an internet mapping glitch turned a random Kansas farm into a digital hell by Kashmir Hill.

Tixati displays the peers in the peer list that it has not yet connected to. These peers will show no client and their statuses are Remote disconnected, Timed out connecting or IP Filtered. Many other torrent clients don't display these peers.
by notaLamer on 2024/02/14 11:30:57 PM    
Clients based on libtorrent (qBittorrent) have the option to enable "Anonymous" mode that will not show others the client name and version used. Other than this, it's almost counter productive.

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