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Setting Upload Speed Limit & Maximizing Seed Upload Speeds

by Guest on 2024/01/28 04:14:40 PM    
I have two questions:

1) I currently dont use an upload speed limit.  I have limited my download speeds to about 430Mbps (50MB/s).  My seed uploading is "OK" but I would like to do better.  My upload capability is 120Mbps.  I never get anywhere near this speed on seeding uploads.  Would it in anyway improve my uploading/seeding speeds if I set an upload limit?

2) If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve uploading speeds, I would love to hear them.  I dont seed much.  At most, I'm probably seeding 10 torrents.  Usually closer to 2-5 range.  So I think I may have some settings set too high and it reduces upload seed speeds.

Thank you.
by TX007 on 2024/01/31 04:39:37 AM    
Unless your internet connection stops working while Tixati is running, I think default settings should be good for you. Probably, you are seeding only torrents with many seeders and few leechers (typical situation in private trackers). Anyway, downloading the torrents before other members, and limiting your upload speed to 80% of capacity (12MB/s in your case) is most likely going to improve your upload speed. You can try seeding simultaneously 5 or more popular legal to share torrents (like latest Ubuntu iso) on public trackers for testing.

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