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Seeding not actually... seeding?

by Guest on 2024/01/20 11:55:00 PM    
Been using Tixati for a long time, but only recently got into seeding for others properly.
I'm trying to keep a certain ratio, and it says my client/torrent has been seeding for 10+ hours but the ratio hasn't increased.
There's no outgoing data either, 'timed out connecting' on one peer list, but there's actually 10+ peers on the network so I'm a bit lost.
Pretty newb at this so, any suggestions?
by TX007 on 2024/01/21 08:32:26 PM    
Seeding can be active (data is sent to other peers) or passive (you are not sending anything). For torrent clients, both situations count as seeding.
The presence of peers that could not be connected is normal, maybe they closed their torrent clients few minutes ago, or they don't have open ports for torrenting. The latter situation make them unable to receive incoming TCP connections (only incoming UDP connections through punch hole are possible in this case). What you need to do to not have the same problem, is to check if the port used by Tixati is open. You can do it with the help of this website: If you get Error: I could not see your service on on port (xxxxx), it means your incoming connections port is closed. You must open the port from your firewall, and do a port forwarding from your router. You can google how to use port forwarding for torrenting to get more details.
by TX007 on 2024/01/21 11:04:03 PM    
I forgot to add this.
To know which port is used by Tixati, go to Transfers tab, click on the gear icon to open settings, then go to Network > Incoming Ports > TCP/UDP port for peer connections and messages . By the way, the easiest method for port forwarding is by enabling UPNP on Tixati (just make sure the option use UPNP/NAT-PMP.... is checked there), and enabling UPNP on the router as well. And don't forget to open the port from your firewall.

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