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[Bug][Feature Request] Tixati steals focus - make it optional

by Guest on 2024/01/12 11:39:11 PM    
Tixati is the best torrent client so far, but it has one annoying bug: it steals the current window focus when I add a hash-link that has only a few very slow seeds, so getting the metadata takes some time, I minimize Tixati, start doing my business in other apps (or maybe I even go to sleep near my screen). But when the metadata is finally received and the torrent structure is resolved, Tixati window opens on its own and steals the focus (and even turns on my screen if it was off by the OS due to the user inactivity (when I go to sleep)).

This is extremely annoying, and I don't know why the author still didn't make this behavior optional. The app should respect user's control and have the option to disable focus stealing.

Hope this can be implemented ASAP.

Thanks for the great program, BTW.

Tixati FTW. <3
by notaLamer on 2024/01/14 01:07:21 PM

Tixati Settings - UI, Behavior - Transfer loading priority/location prompt / Configure:
Magnet Link Resolving ... - I think if you disable this, you will not see the window again.
by Guest on 2024/01/15 04:02:26 PM    
@notaLamer I want to see this window, but I don't want it to steal the focus. That is the whole point. It's like super bad now, for example, if I'm typing something in another app, like here, in the browser, Tixati would steal the focus when that window appears, and I'm automatically typing in that Tixati window, renaming the torrent. This is utterly annoying!
by Guest on 2024/01/24 06:21:59 PM    
Hope this will be added in the next release..
by Guest on 2024/01/26 06:12:08 AM    
Been annoyed by this happening when adding a bunch of transfers and trying to do other work while magnets pull meta data then steal focus. Would love this feature.

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