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Tixati Security Issues......

by rer on 2024/01/10 11:05:17 AM    
Tixati安全问题……(Tixati Security Issues......)

频道功能是否可以使用代理连接?(Can the channel feature be connected using a proxy?)

频道功能中是否可以应用IP黑名单?(Can I Apply IP Blacklist to Channels?)

如果不能,感觉会暴露使用者的IP相当危险……最近我遇到怪事 通信软件QQ莫名掉线登出
(If you can't, it feels like it's dangerous to expose the user's IP...... Recently, I encountered a strange thing, and the communication software QQ was inexplicably dropped and logged out)
by notaLamer on 2024/01/10 11:36:11 PM    
1. Proxy: I don't know, but Tixati should use the same connection settings from the global settings menu.
2. Blacklist: I don't remember, I will test for you soon and reply.
3. User IP is visible to any moderator+. In a big channel if you are a simple user, it'd be hard but possible to find your IP by manually looking at traffic. I think so.

I don't think the log out from QQ is related to Tixati. When you were testing proxies, QQ probably saw your IP change and logged you out as a security measure (in case your account data was stolen). Usually hackers try to log in from different IPs, so it's a good measure.

For better anonymity, the developer of Tixati created DarkMX, it uses 100% the Tor network. But this may be a downside for you.
by rer on 2024/01/11 12:39:31 AM    
我昨天无法连接频道 尝试代理到抓包器端口 并未捕获到频道的任何连接……
包括现在 我仍然无法连接至频道中……
连接任何频道都显示连接中 连接不上
I couldn't connect to the channel yesterday Tried to proxy to the grabber port Didn't catch any connection to the channel......
Including now I still can't connect to the channel......
Connecting to any channel shows Connecting Not Connected

I may need remote assistance from a technician......
I can provide any Tixati settings and related information
by rer on 2024/01/11 12:42:55 AM    
昨天我已经联系过我的网络运营商 更换线路了
目前暂时还没遇到过掉线的情况 还在观察中
If QQ logout is a network problem
Yesterday I had already contacted my network operator to change the line
At present, there has been no disconnection and is still being observed
But I think it may be that QQ Service has logged out all my QQ accounts for user security reasons
Because of the normal disconnection, it will not be logged out to the interface where the password is empty

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