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Files status - show "likely complete" when incomplete

by Guest on 2024/01/08 08:40:41 PM    
Example case:
- Have Bunny.mkv.
- Have a Bittorrent v1 torrent with Bunny.mkv and other file(s) in it, and torrent pieces don't align to file sizes. Specify location of Bunny.mkv.

First of all, thank you for not ruining Bunny.mkv by overwriting it with an incomplete file. Not all torrent clients behave this way.

In the Files tab, the status column currently can show the following errors:
- if file is smaller: file size mismatch, expected ** kB but file size is ** kB
- if the file is larger:  file too large

I think a third green colored status might be a good addition if the file was coming from a merge:
98% - merged, file may be complete, but torrent piece is missing to verify that

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