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Seeds/Peers in transfer view - column sorting via swarm size

by Guest on 2024/01/08 07:48:42 PM    
Example: Tracker status reports 10 seeds, in the peers section there are 4 seeders (4 peers show up with status "Both peers complete", the Transfer view only shows 4 in the Seeds column.

Although it means only "verified" seeders get counted, it makes kind of hard to filter dead torrents.

Is it possible show the tracker reported or swarm peer count on a torrent and maybe sort by it? For example qBittorrent puts it in normal brackets like: 4 (10), where 4 is the currently connected to number, and (10) is the discovered swarm size.

The main issue is if i'm the only connectable peer in a swarm, the seed column can take up the tracker announce time to show somewhat reliable count.
Also, checking the Seeds and Peers column in the tracker list is not helpful, since it does not indicate duplicates duplicates (if multiple tracker is in use) and does not count DHT/PEX peers.

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