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Chinese mainland suddenly couldn't connect to any channel today

by rer on 2024/01/08 04:15:44 AM    
中国大陆今天突然无法连接任何频道(Chinese mainland suddenly couldn't connect to any channel today)

如图 任何频道都提示连接中(As shown in the figure, any channel prompts that it is connecting)
by rer on 2024/01/08 04:35:29 AM    
已经恢复了 似乎是之前电脑故障 重启后 系统时间不匹配 导致的 重新从系统设置中 同步了下系统时间 正常链接上了……
(It has been restored It seems to be caused by the previous computer failure after the reboot of the system time mismatch Re-synchronized the system time from the system settings Normal link on......)
by rer on 2024/01/10 11:04:56 AM    
It seems that I can't connect to the channel again.。。
This time, there was no system time wrong......
by notaLamer on 2024/01/10 11:28:28 PM    
Channels work very similar to torrent transfers. First Tixati searches on DHT to find current channel users. Then Tixati tries to connect to users on the list. If Tixati cannot find any users then DHT is blocked for you. If it finds users but cannot connect to anybody then direct connections to bittorrent peers (users) are blocked. If it can connect to users but you see error messages, it can mean many things. Often it is an error to have not synchronized system time. Sometimes the channel owner is offline and users cannot connect to the channel.

We would need to know if you see anybody in connections tab or not. I think in your case DHT is not working and blocked. As far as I know Tixati channel communication is encrypted, so Deep Packet Inspection may be thinking Tixati is an unknown protocol and therefore it blocks it like a VPN.

I hope you can understand the translation:
频道的工作方式与种子传输非常相似。 首先 Tixati 在 DHT 上搜索以查找当前频道用户。 然后 Tixati 尝试连接到列表中的用户。 如果 Tixati 找不到任何用户,则 DHT 会被阻止。 如果它找到用户但无法连接到任何人,则与 BitTorrent 对等点(用户)的直接连接将被阻止。 如果它可以连接到用户,但您看到错误消息,则可能意味着很多事情。 通常,未同步系统时间是一个错误。 有时频道所有者离线,用户无法连接到频道。

我们需要知道您是否在“连接”选项卡中看到任何人。 我认为在你的情况下,DHT 不起作用并且被阻止。 据我所知,Tixati 通道通信是加密的,因此深度数据包检查可能会认为 Tixati 是未知协议,因此它会像 VPN 一样阻止它。

by rer on 2024/01/11 12:52:32 AM    
我今天又尝试了启用DHT后连接频道 但他仍不起作用……
Thank you for your information! Recently I turned off the DHT function. . Because it will mistakenly record my local IP or even my VPN proxy IP... I have not started the VPN...
I tried again today to connect the channel after enabling DHT but it still doesn't work...
by rer on 2024/01/11 12:55:24 AM    
我无法启用全局VPN 因为他会影响到我的tracker server的用户连接 我希望tixati能配置用户自定义代理的方式来连接频道功能 但是目前经过我的测试并不能这样 我无法通过设置软件代理功能来连接到通道
I can't enable Global VPN because it affects the user connection of my tracker server, I would like tixati to be able to configure the user-defined proxy to connect to the channel function, but at the moment after my testing it is not possible I can't connect to the channel by setting up the software proxy function
by rer on 2024/01/11 12:58:17 AM    
我非常喜欢这个软件 也愿意为这个软件共创用户体验 我希望能得到更多的帮助!求求了 帮帮我……
I like this software very much and am willing to co-create user experience for this software. I hope to get more help! Please help me...
by Guest on 2024/01/11 04:02:38 PM    
China Mainland: I stop/start many channels for testing the connectivity.
After a few minutes, I have more than 10 channels online.
That includes the China channel.

by rer on 2024/01/12 11:23:45 PM    
谢谢!目前我能连接进我的频道了 开启DHT一段时间后 再尝试连接……但是我后来又关闭DHT功能后 今天再尝试连接其他频道 也是显示连接中……

Thanks, now I'm able to connect to my channel, turn on DHT for a while, and try to connect again...... But when I turned off DHT and tried to connect to other channels today, it also showed that it was connecting......
by Guest on 2024/01/13 11:04:53 AM    
Why do you turn off DHT?

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