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move/save torrent link in respective file(s) folder to reseed/ad

by Guest on 2024/01/04 04:47:12 PM    
I want to move/save the torrent/magnet-link in the folder it references and if its a single file w/o a folder, create one.

I add "" to Tixati by opening the file or a designated folder from Settings-Transfers-Meta-Info. A folder is then created in Tixati's default/set download directory called "" where it then saves/downloads its files "", "" & "". In the case of a "file" only download this folder should be created and registed as its "permanent" location.

I want Tixati to add and register "" as a local file pertaining to our folder "a.common.torrent". This way it will move accross hard drives and remove the folder and contents when deleted. Currently I am sending them to a category folder before deleting them to prevent endless half empty folders. Ideally and most likely the easiest approach is having Tixati handle all files in the folder regardless, as long as "forced" subfolders is selected. Again if "forced" subfolders is selected the option to move/save our corresponding .torrent file

Currently you can save to a local folder/txt file. Which means manually moving them from the stored directory to its respective folder or "file completion shell commands". These should logically work nicely aside from not registering the as part of the Tixati file tree, assumedly, for deletion/re-location handling to work correctly. However all attempts have failed at this point even though the commands run fine through Powershell/CMD manually consistently.

I've tried commands such as "xfer@file:copy-item "C:\torrents\links\$name.torrent" -destination "C:\torrents\$name\"(also tried appending "$name.torrent" to the end of this) I've tried other options as well such as xcopy, also tried CMD versions of these powershell commands regardless that it specifies using the local command prompt (powershell, specifically).

Hopefully this is more clear as to my request and not more confusing lol. Talk Soon.

P.S. I know these things take time and time is precious so i'll make it worth your while :)
by notaLamer on 2024/01/07 03:18:05 PM    
To be honest I didn't understand what's wrong from reading your explanation.

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