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feature: duplicate torrent or magnet list

by Guest on 2023/12/27 06:09:45 AM    
When downloading various files, there are times when duplicate files are downloaded.
To prepare for this, I keep the download list without deleting it,
but as the number of items exceeds tens of thousands,
the speed of displaying the list becomes very slow.
There is a need for a feature that can maintain a separate duplicate list without displaying it in the list, to check for duplicates.
by Guest on 2023/12/29 11:16:08 PM    
Which list? The "transfers" in Tixati's terminology? I don't understand what you are trying to do, because "duplicate transfers" are already impossible with Tixati (they are merged or not duplicated in the first place). Did you try with categories?
by appyface on 2024/01/01 07:55:39 PM    
I'm not clear what the OP is describing. Maybe this is part of it? I have seen duplicate files shared between different transfers.

The way I found out this happens, a couple of times I've clicked to delete a transfer plus local files, and got a warning popup about some files being shared with another transfer.
by Guest on 2024/01/03 03:45:42 AM    
The OP might be suggesting:

Downloading a weekly show which is named show.mkv

which goes in C:\Downloads\

Then week2 the next edition of the show comes out named show.mkv

which goes in C:\Downloads\

Then you have duplicate files? But different episodes

So ideally you want better naming convention used or individual folders

It's an torrent creator/uploader problem (I think)
They should know better than to do things this terrible way

This is why people use S01E01 naming convention for instance OR use the date in the file
Especially so the episodes list in viewing order (say NO to USA date) use European date format.



Above works - but this is not a Tixati problem but an uploader without brain

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