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How can I configure channel data path?

by Guest on 2023/12/16 09:15:17 PM    
Hi! I just want to configure where channels2.dat is saved. (it is becoming too big for my C drive). How can I do that? Every other download file path is configurable, but I can't find a way to configure this one.
by notaLamer on 2023/12/18 03:18:08 AM
If you want to only move out the channels file then you can symlink it to another location. There are many tutorials out there and on Windows you'll only need the "mklink" command in CMD. I believe it was "mklink /j ORIGINALNAME PATHTONEWLOCATION" where you've already moved the file.

Don't forget to backup.
by Guest on 2023/12/20 01:38:58 PM    
@notaLamer I can not accept your answer because
0.  I tried the Windows way of symlinking (right click > create shortcut) on channels2.dat, channels2.dat.lastloadok.dat and channels2.dat.temp, but it does not work with Tixati.

Despite being a long term advanced user, today I learned that:
1.  Windows supresses the .lnk extension, even when I untick "hide extensions for known file types". I haven't really noticed this until I saw two channels2.dat files with the same name.
2.  Shortcuts in Windows are not the same as soft links (aka. symbolic links in Linux). Soft links do not have any icon differentiator, they look exactly like shortcuts.
3.  Creating a symlink requires the use of command line (or third party software) and administrator rights on Windows 10.
4.  And the most important: soft linking / symlinking in Windows does not work.. At this time (December 2023) this is developer-only feature on Windows, even searching for mklink kind of assumes the knowledge of point 1 and 2. It is not a user facing standard. Every software I tried failed to handle soft links correctly, including backup software. Tixati also fails, it just replaces the file.

About backing up
I wouldn't mind if the next version of Tixati decoupled the contacts, channel-related settings (that are actually worth to back-up) from the magnet list and stored them in different files.
channel2-private.dat - whitelisted/reviewed channel and user details (contacts, contact notes, hash lists from whitelisted users, channel settings, probably history of selected search results in the future)
channel2-forums.dat - for forum content
channel2-hashes.dat - the rest
by Guest on 2023/12/27 07:54:40 PM    
@Guest on 2023/12/27
Not helpful. Try validating your reply before copy-pasting random search result links. Hard links can't be on a different volume.
by Guest on 2023/12/28 06:26:39 PM    
The solution provided by notaLamer is actually solid advice. It just works with directories (folders) only, not with files. mklink /j doesn't create symlinks, it creates directory junctions. I haven't tested it with Tixati, but I've tested it with other software in the past and it works well when you want to redirect a directory to another partition or drive where there's more storage space. Shortcut files (.lnk) are just that — shortcut files, that Windows reads and interprets; they never were "symlinks". And yeah Windows hides their file extension even when you seemingly disable hiding the file extension. So it's possible to accidentally create shortcut files that you cannot* edit or fix. In the past there were various security issues with shortcut files too. Blame Microsoft.
(*Well, I think WinRAR shows .lnk extensions, and maybe similar programs like 7-Zip can show these files properly and enable editing them or changing their file extension from .lnk to something else.)

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