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How to replace/update outdated and dead trackers

by notaLamer on 2023/11/23 03:42:02 PM    
Some time ago a big tracker website went down, its name rhymes with the .rar file extension. A user had asked me how to remove those "Host not found" / "Timed out" entries from the transfers.

Option 1: Just skip them
In Tixati you can specify tracker URLs that should not be used. These trackers will not be removed, but for any active transfers they will not be contacted anymore (saves bandwidth but not CPU load). It's an OK solution but not the best.

Settings -> Transfers, Trackers -> Individual Tracker Options -> "Skip Announce" tab

There you would add each dead tracker URL per line. You can use the "Remove From New" so dead trackers never again make their way into your transfers. Example:

Although as I said these dead entries will remain in the tracker lists

Option 2: Remove them
In a later Tixati update an option was added to replace/remove entries in a search & replace fashion.

1. Select all transfers you want to search & replace/remove trackers from (if you go to the "All Transfers" category* then click once inside the transfers list then press CTRL+A to select All transfers.
2. Right click a selected entry -> Trackers -> Find and replace
3. Type the URL**, test and replace/remove. Multiple matches are removed once iirc.

*Categories tutorial:
**Search modes explained here:

But what if the ports were random like in the example above? You'd need to run search and replace THREE TIMES! Regular expressions are here to help.

These look like a magical code to find loosely what you want. For example the placeholder for:
ANY NUMBER of ANY LENGTH >=1 is: \d+
ANY NUMBER of ANY LENGTH (may as well not exists, i.e. length 0) is: \d*
These examples should be correct, I hope I use the correct syntax here as Tixati. either way the idea stays the same
Find multiple entries at once: (entry1|entry2|entry3)

Based on my tests you don't need to escape the dash "-" manually with a backslash.

Search in RegEx mode with random port: udp://9.rar.example:\d+/
-> matches udp://9.rar.example:2634/ and any other number at the end

Search in RegEx mode with random port and any numeric subdomain (or none) rather than a "9": udp://\d*.?rar.example:\d+/
--> note how I made the dot optional by adding a question mark.

Search in RegEx mode for **any of those URLs** as is: (udp://9.rar.example:2634/|udp://rar.example:2634/|udp://rar.example/)


And this is how I helped the user remove hundreds of obsolete trackers. Actually I believe he or she may have replaced them with the neutral "open trackr" without the space dot org.

PS: Donate to DEV and that other tractor admin.
by Guest on 2023/11/26 11:46:25 PM    
Nice work notaLamer !

Another awesome solution - Thank you once again for sharing your absolute mastery of knowledge.

Yes, I usually donate, but haven't lately as Tixati is looking like an abandoned project sadly now?
6 months exactly today without any releases or bugfixes and there's been no discussion or feedback with the Dev's happening in the forums either?

Fully aware KH feeding his family takes precedence over all else. He may be on assignment working on AI Tixatibots now.

I've pretty much given up posting Bug Reports and Feature Suggestions on here now.

The Dev's would do themselves absolute wonders and would be superb see them interact with a few topics on here now and again.

Here's hoping for a new release to play with during the holidays.

Good luck to all x
by janet on 2023/11/27 02:00:05 AM    
None of KH's projects have been abandoned. The Devs are hard at work on the next releases for all the projects, including android versions.
by Guest on 2023/12/31 09:02:49 PM    
Big Thanks notaLamer !!! :-)

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