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Downloading slowed to a crawl...

by Guest on 2023/11/10 07:37:13 PM    
I started downloading five files a month ago...
Things started out great!
One was at 89% after just two days
One at 82%
One at 72%
One at 19%
One at 12%

It is now 4 weeks since these percentages and they are all the same.. Nothing has improved and they are downloading under 100 Bytes per minute.
I changed nothing in the settings.. What happened?

What can I do to resume these downloads and complete?
At this rate it will take years.

Thank you!
by shag00 on 2023/11/11 01:08:02 AM    
Are you using Windows or Linux?
by notaLamer on 2023/11/11 01:24:59 PM    
The people before you stopped seeding at 89%, 82%, 37%... there's nothing to download because there are no 100% seeds out there. See the availability bar for each transfer, see what peers are connected to you. Are they all stuck too?
by shag00 on 2023/11/12 03:33:54 AM    
Is it possible this is the answer?

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