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error getting file info: The filename, directory name, or volume

by Bugmagnet on 2023/11/06 03:14:39 PM    
I created a torrent from a folder with a subfolder and hundreds of files.(on a computer with Win 7 OS, 64 bit NTFS drives)

When I tried to download my own torrent to a different Computer at another location, also running on 64 bit win 7 with NTFS drives, after the magnet links gets the initial connection and becomes a torrent, it immediately errors out with:

    error getting file info: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect (123)

Several other users have been able to download this torrent, apparently without issue. Why not me?

Also, of note....After I created the torrent and it was loaded into my tixati for seeding, I did a "rename", adding words to the title, which was originally just a single word. So while the current torrent title (on my seeding computer) is like "One Two Three Four", when the magnet link opens and becomes a torrent, the title is simply "One", like it was when I originally created it.

But if that is what has caused the issue, why can others download it but not me?

I was thinking that perhaps the torrent contents tried to create a path/filename that was too long. But the error indicates some sort of syntax problem. So I am lost.
by notaLamer on 2023/11/11 01:32:10 PM    
Does it happen when you start from a .torrent files as opposed to a magnet link? I will explain how to provide more info later.

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