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Tracker Presets - Is this a bug or just a user misunderstanding?

by Guest on 2023/11/03 02:13:33 PM    
Tracker Presets
This opens a window to edit the tracker presets, which can be used from several places within the program such as the main transfers view, create new seed window, and categories.

I created a "blank" preset with no trackers listed, to test something. It appears that if this "Blank" preset was selected to be the "Default Tracker Preset", it would remove any tracker(s) listed on a newly added magnet link.

Is that the expected behavior, for this preset to remove any trackers included with a magnet link/torrent and substitute instead any trackers on the "Default Tracker Preset" list?
by Guest on 2023/11/03 05:05:04 PM    
yes, this is how it is supposed to work.
by Guest on 2023/11/04 01:47:56 AM    
There is a separate setting for "Individual Tracker Options"

I see the options for that include "Add to new" list, 'Remove from new" list and "Skip Announce"

I have used that for years and think I understand it.

So if that function can add or remove trackers, then I do not see the purpose of the presets doing that.

To me, it seems these presets should be just that, a list of working trackers to add by default when a user creates a new torrent. That is how the support page defines it.

I don't think the preset function should be adding or removing any trackers from a magnet link or torrent someone else creates and is simply being loaded.

That is the function of the "Individual Tracker Options" as I see it.

To me, the preset should not be modifying any magnet link or torrent someone else creates. But it is. I think it is a bug.

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