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by Mrantz on 2023/10/26 08:57:36 PM    
Hello Community & Tixati Support:

Question:  Is there a way to access/modify the completed date that appears in the Transfer window?  If so, where and how?  Is that date stored in a .dat file just for Tixati's use? If so, is there to modify the metadata in that .dat file?

I downloaded a "Torrent File Editor", but didn't see anything that equaled the date showing in Tixati. So I'm guessing that isn't something stored in the related .torrent file, correct?  I did give a good faith effort searching to see if this has already been asked & answered, but couldn't find anything.

Thanks in advance for your time...Cheers!!!
by notaLamer on 2023/10/28 08:21:11 AM    
It's Tixati's own data. gotta be inside the dat but nobody knows the file format

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