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Binding to multiple network adapters possible? (VPN)

by Mercury on 2023/09/10 02:48:53 AM    
I want to avoid using my exposed public IP address. Long story short, I connect to VPN in two different ways which show up as different adapters. I'd like Tixati to use whichever one is available.

Is it possible to put in a list of adapters (I only need two) in the "Local IPv4 address or interface" entry?
by Guest on 2023/09/10 09:34:54 AM    
You can set one or all interfaces, but could not some. Set all, then block one in firewall, if you do not want to use.

All IPv4:
All IPv6: ::
by notaLamer on 2023/09/13 07:57:54 PM    
Only BiglyBT has this option to select multiple adapters.
by Guest on 2023/09/17 01:45:02 PM    
If you connect in '2 different ways' does that mean you have 2 VPN custom apps installed with different interface ID's showing in Tixati?

You could install something generic like OpenVPN which I think will create one single TAP interface (or similar)
Then import '.ovpn' config files from as many providers as you need? Tixati can bind to the OpenVPN TAP interface and you may be able to use multiple providers that way?
by Mercury on 2023/09/17 10:33:53 PM    
This is on linux. My normal connection method is via connman-vpnd which creates a "vpn0" interface. Occasionally I connect via openvpn command directly, which creates a "tun0" interface. I wanted to set up Tixati to use either vpn0 or tun0, whichever was available.

Some more searching showed I can change the interface name assigned by openvpn using the command params:

--dev-type tun --dev vpn0

Note that both params are required for this to work. Using only --dev gives an error. That is my workaround for now.

I don't know if connman-vpnd can change its interface name. Information about it is very sparse and very few people seem to use it the way I do.

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