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Request: Full Pre-Write and Download start

by Guest on 2023/09/06 06:02:16 PM    
Ubuntu 22.04, Tixati 3.19

For years I have had to use full pre-write due to how my disks behave (it's the only option that works consistently well with Tixati).

As already documented, Tixati will finish the pre-write allocation before starting any download.

To work around this, I manually set all files but one largish-one to priority "off". When the torrent enters the download queue, the one file will allocate (if it hasn't already) and start downloading. Then I set the remaining files back to some priority.

As soon as at least one file is allocated, if the torrent is in the download queue, could Tixati try to download what's allocated then allocate the rest? Thanks for consideration.

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